Rear View mirror objects - hotkey


is there a keyboard shortcut/hotkey combo to adjust this:

How do I get a clearer view from the rear mirrors?
We have modelled the rear parts of the car to be visible in the mirrors for extra depth and immersion – you don´t get a clear view in a race car! You may however disable these elements if you so prefer, by editing your .PLR file inside USERDATA\(your name) folder. Look for the parameter Self In Cockpit Rearview=”15″ , and change the “15” to “0” to get a clear view.

I have it set to show rear wing as i like to use it in some cars (V8Stk) but other modded cars look really bad with some crap that ends up in the mirrors etc. but dont want to have to manually go change it prior to driving certain cars?


I don't think there's some hotkey to change this. The workaround that comes to my mind is to create a separate profile on GSC, with different PLR settings. Then you can just switch profiles with one click depending on the car you want to drive.