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DiRT Rally Realism Pack for Dirt Rally 1.0

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TemplarGFX submitted a new resource:

Realism Pack for Dirt Rally - Realistic Lighting, Weather, Particles, Damage and Physics

This mod pack aims to adds more realism to Dirt Rally through several areas of changes. Each mod is independant and can be used individualy


Note that using this for online events will put you at a significant dis-advantage compared to those running original settings. Kudos to you if you can place strongly!


Impact Force Feedback v5
This modifications changes how Force Feedback is generated in the game...

Read more about this resource...
Hi TemplarGFX. Firstly, thanks for your continued work on improving Dirt Rally, your mods are great. Just a couple of issues I've noticed after a short test. Monaco seems to have too much bloom/over saturation making some tracks difficult to see when in cockpit view. Also, can I reduce the sharpness, as I have the AA set to it's highest setting in game, but it still looks on my screen at least, a little jaggie. Minor quibbles I know, but everything else is top notch. Thanks
It's a really nice package. My only issue with the package is the physics one (raceload.jpk). I can use it as intended but it causes the career mode not function properly for me. The game will not save my progress in the career mode, when I choose save and quit. Anyone else having the same problem or is it something odd on my side ?
Unfortunately I think this may be unavoidable unless Codemasters changes the game (which they wouldn't). though an "offline only" mode that allowed changes should be the option they give us, and that may happen. They ended up giving us this with Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising. It came at the end of the games life, but they gave that ability back to the community. (They removed it due to its ability to be used to cheat in online PvP, but this also locked out SP mods. A lot of controversy). Like I said when the game closed however, they did give it back to us. That's why there is still a community for OFDR today.

All I can say right now is that we will have to live with what Codemasters want if we want to experience all of the game. Changes to core mechanics will probably have this restriction for a long time yet.
Can you make a visual mod to have no lens dirt, no glare, and no over bright snow?
I have no idea what to adjust in the file, plus the binary xml converter I am using may not be working right.
first off i have to say i love your work! Your FFB and realism pack makes this great game even better. That being said, did you intend to have so much turbo damage? I'm using a 95 suby, after 2 races in Germany my turbo was at 20% (no wrecks of any kind). Everything else 94% and up.
cool mod !, but your mod brake the save of game
I was at the professional championship rx I Turn off the game , I turned on the game, and now I am in the clubman Championships..
Oh yes, and how to remove this message? I uninstall any yet , but it appears again..:p
Ok guys here is what i did STEP By STEP to fix the save issue UPDATED STEP 5 (by Illcannabill)

1. Uninstall Game Through Steam
3. goto C:\Users\username\Documents\My Games\ and delete the DiRT Rally folder
4. goto C:\ProgramData\Codemasters\ Delete the DiRT Rally Folder
5. Goto folder that DiRT Rally was installed to and delete any remaining files
7. Open Steam and Reinstall game.

After game is installed, the offline modes will save right away, for you to get the online events to save, you need to do one offline championship stage after finishing the online event for it to save..... NOTE you only have to do this once to get online events to save.

After i did this fix the first thing i did was do a championship event, then exited the game. and it saved fine. I opend game again and did a online daily event, exited game, when i opened it the next time it did not save online event, however it saved the offline event..

So i did online event, then did offline event. exited game and re opened it. and found that it saved the progress for both.... and from then on every thing saved as it should.

Please give it a shot, and let us know how this works

(For me it's work !)
for me was enough only verify integrity of game by staem, but I lost all saved championships, start from scratch, Only money are preserved.
Oh yes, and how to remove this message? I uninstall any yet , but it appears again..

Hi, this is a bit late for iVersOne, but the loading message for ReShade in the upper left hand corner is due to the dxgi.dll that you copied into the main game folder. If you deleted the 5 files that you copied to the game folder from the Realism\Realistic Light\ folder, then copied back the original .xml files in the \postprocess and \tracks folders, you would have been all set.

As it is, deleting everything and reinstalling from scratch is one definite way to make sure everything is back to vanilla, though a bit of a pain. :D
This mod removes the dirt from my vehicles causing the cars to always appear clean no matter how many races i do its constantly clean vehicles i hate it
Thanks for this mod, I use the postprocess lighting.

Can you explain how you were able to remove these things from posprocess\effects.xml? I converted to text using binxml.exe and tried same, after back to bin.. but my file never worked leaving a washed out white screen (bad setup)
I would like to make an effects.xml that has no dirt on screen, no bloom, just sharp goodness without the stupid unrealistic "photo effects". Keep dof and those for replays lol, not for real life racing!
Howdy Templar

Awesome work, thank you

If you can assist,
Please can you help me find rock paricles?? I want to increase the amount of stone thats flung out on power slides??
And if possible, do you know how to change sound files, id like to make a mod for the pace notes, to the same style we use in my country,

Id like you to teach me, ill do the hard work