Reading .dmp file

My fresh installation of version 1.15 (which took a long time to download), crashed when trying to load some converted tracks, generating dmp files.

I could only fix it, when I reinstalled v1.0, updated to v1.1 and then used GSC VSync :thumbsup:

I'm hoping this might help.
No this is different, im trying to get this Super TC2000 mod to work and the cars show up fine in the showroom but the game crashes after it finishes loading the track everytime. I need someone to help point out whats causing it to crash.
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As far as I know, try to open a .dmp file is a nightmare. You will have to install more than 200 MB of programs and still have to know how to interpret the results :confused:

You can use "GSC.exe trace=30", then, after the game crash, go to \GSC2013\UserData\LOG and look for clues in the trace.txt file :thumbsup: