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A new week of scheduling on our popular RDTV Twitch channel is here! So, what do we have in store this coming week? Well of course our current showcase eSport event will take place on Saturday February 2nd, the RaceDepartment Mini Challenge by Extreme Simracing will be heading to the fantastic Oulton Park International venue - live and exclusive right here at RaceDepartment!

Other highlights of the week ahead will be some testing out for Formula One car mods in a couple of different sims and a whole bunch of other goodies!

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Monday 28th January - RDMC by Extreme Simracing - R3 from Red Bull Ring - 20:00 UTC
RDMC by Extreme Simracing Round 3.jpg

Tuesday 29th January
- McLaren MP4-22 Assetto Corsa Top Mod - 20:00 UTC
McLaren MP4-22 Assetto Corsa Mod.jpg

Wednesday 30th January - Historic Feldbergring Track - Assetto Corsa Mod - 20:00 UTC
Feldbergring Assetto Corsa Mod.jpg

Thursday 31st January - F1 1996 - Automobilista Mod - 20:00 UTC
F1 1996 Automobilista Mod.jpg

Friday 1st January - F1 2018 With a Direct Drive Wheel
F1 2018 With a Direct Drive Wheel.jpg

Saturday 2nd February - RDMC by Extreme Simracing Round 4 LIVE - 13:30 UTC
RDMC by Extreme Simracing R4 Live.jpg

Sunday 3rd February - Porsche 356A 1600GS Carrera GT Coupe AC Mod - 20:00 UTC
Porsche 356A 1600GS Carrera GT Coupe Assetto Corsa Mod.jpg

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Sim Racing is awesome!

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