RDIWS | Round 6 - Fontana Superspeedway (Live Streamed!)

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    The Oval Chase for the title begins.

    Only two rounds in the RaceDepartment Indy World Series remain and now the championship chase can take a complete 180ยบ degree turn. While James Wilson once again enjoys a second straight win at Interlagos (his previous win being on Indianapolis GP) and narrows the gap to champ leader Frederic Schornstein, he'll be absent for this upcoming round. Frederic on the other hand, had a last lap mistake and finished in the seventh spot and ALSO will be absent for this round. Lucky for Matt Beavis who, after a good run at Interlagos, can nab the championship leader as both title contenders will be away, leaving Beavis, third in the standings, with the golden opportunity to seize the leadership of the league.

    Now, the road course stages are over. Moving over to the ovals, the first of two (Indy 500 not counting as the race was canceled) is Apple Valley Speedway, rF2's version of Fontana Superspeedway. Here, pace, space awareness, top speed, fuel/tire strategy and car draft are the keys to victory. Breaking away from the pack is hard as only the best of the best can pull it off and will still have close competition to deal with.

    Will Matt Beavis become the top of the food chain? Or will his lack of teammates be his downfall at Fontana? Find out this Saturday!

    As always, the race will be brought to you on our twitch channel, accessible on our website's stream page HERE or directly through Twitch.tv HERE.
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