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Featured RDGPC Season Six Returns This Weekend!

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by Paul Jeffrey, Nov 4, 2017.

  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief Staff Premium

    Round 1.jpg
    The RaceDepartment Grand Prix Championship will visit the German Grand Prix venue of Hockenheim this weekend for the opening round of our sixth season of racing...

    30 drivers, 60 laps, side by side action and high intensity racing that are renowned to be produced by these mighty Formula Three cars of Automobilista means that RDGPC is here, and it is coming back with one almighty bang this Saturday 4th November.

    We've had a bit of a rough ride of things in recent years with the RDGPC and this is something we are looking to address big style this season. Moving back to the hugely successful and incredibly entertaining Formula Three slicks and wing formula car, coupled with the return of Automobilista as the simulation of choice for the series, we fully intend for the RDGPC Season Six to meet and surpass the high expectations we have set ourselves ahead of the new campaign.

    Under the watchful eye of Race Director @Joseph Wright the new season is already showing the potential to be one of our most hotly contested open wheel championships of recent years. Over the pre-season build up to the main race this weekend we have seen some incredible action from our collection of awesome drivers, our last test race at Interlargos proved to be a staggeringly close affair, very much highlighted by our qualification session that saw just a two second gap separating the front of the field to the very rear, with just one second covering the top 20 drivers - on a 4.309km circuit!!!

    As briefly mentioned earlier we have been blessed with a packed 30 car field for the coming season, featuring some of the hot talent in Automobilista and surely a grid worthy of some very close and clean racing during the coming season. With fields as close as we saw over in Brazil, any number of our drivers could go on and taken the overall honours at the end of the year.. no clear favourite has emerged from the tests and races we have held up to this point on the eve of the coming season so literally everything is up for grabs ahead of the race on Saturday...

    Before we go any further, shall we take a look at the stars and cars? Ok, here is the opening round spotter guide for your viewing pleasure...


    So how does one get to watch the action for yourself? As usual we will be hosting the event live and exclusive on our awesome YouTube and Twitch channels, so get yourself comfy on the sofa, grab a beer or cuppa and relax in front of the screen for what we expect to be a corking event and a truly memorable return to form for this excellent series.

    Weekend Schedule
    • Practice - 19:00GMT (60 Minutes)
    • Qualifying - 20:00GMT (20 Minutes)
    • Warm Up - 20:20GMT (10 Minutes)
    • Race - 20:30GMT (90 Minutes Approx / 60 Laps)

    Sim Racing is awesome people, enjoy the show!

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  2. Joseph Wright

    Joseph Wright
    Lead Commentator Staff Premium

    Good luck to all drivers today!

    Of course I'm supporting the Tech 3 boys but I'm expecting a hard fought battle up and down the field.
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  3. Andrew Harper

    Andrew Harper

    Good luck to all the drivers for the first round tonight :thumbsup:

    Especially of course Team RiP, Team LG, and the Guernsey drivers (we're taking over you know...:laugh::))

    The F3's are always entertaining but what makes these races different is the length of each round, will be cool to see who does what strategy wise as 90 minutes is double the length of a club event. Run light at the start and stop early? Run a long first stint and then a short sprint at the end (hoping the tyres on the other cars are now a bit tired). We will see.

    I may have to close my eyes on the first lap when they head for the hairpin though! :laugh:
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  4. Tim Meuris

    Tim Meuris

    Go White Knockels Simracing!!
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  5. Joseph Wright

    Joseph Wright
    Lead Commentator Staff Premium

    For this round of the championship, defending champion @Slalom823 is out, leaving Mighty Forth with three drivers with @CMGARAGE stepping up to the plate in his one man team. Good luck out there Matt!
  6. Piotr Dul

    Piotr Dul
    Sunday Driver Premium

    Go "Pyjamas" ! :)
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