RD Rally Championship Season 9 - Announcement & Info

1st of February 2021 is the day that the traditional RaceDepartment Rally Championship makes its comeback, after a 4 year hiatus. As always the drivers will encounter all kinds of surfaces; tarmac, snow, ice, mud, gravel, most likely, lot's of vegetation and a rock or two.

Using Codemasters' DiRT Rally 2.0 which build on the unexpected success that DiRT Rally was. This season will be an evolution, taking in the things we learned from season eight, which was the first non-RBR season of RDRC. Like last season, we will not use pre-determined start-times, something that opens the championship up for drivers from all over the world. In addition to this, keeping up with RDRC-Tradition, this will be a championship where you do not need a Premium Membership to participate. In addition, the RDRC is a multi-platform championship. PC, PlayStation and xBox, we all race together in the same event!


To Read The Rules for the 9th season, please read the magazine, linked at the bottom of this post, or check here
To Sign Up for the 9th season, please visit the RDRC Forum here.

The championship consists of 7 rounds, the updated point-system that was put in place before last season, and bringing back the Power-Stage with all the twist and turns that will bring. This is designed to make the fight for the championship tight as possible, while not making it random, so we will still have the best driver of them all to take the title.
The rallies for the ninth season of the RDRC will be run at these dates.

Round 1 – 1st February - 7th February 2021 (Rally Monte-Carlo)
Round 2 – 15th February – 21st February 2021 (Rally Sweden)
Round 3 – 1st March – 7th March 2021 (Rally Argentina)
Round 4 – 15th March – 21st March 2021 (Rally Poland)
Round 5 – 29th March – 4th April 2021 (Rally Spain)
Round 6 – 12th April – 18th April 2021 (Rally New Zealand)
Round 7 – 26th April – 2nd May 2021 (Rally Scotland)

For a mandatory in-depth read of the rules. Information about the championship, information about the cars and more exciting RDRC-stuff spanning over 50 pages, please visit our Official RDRC Rally Magazine.

Download the first edition of the RDRC Rally Magazine HERE
in the first edition of the RDRC Rally Magazine HERE (Press F11 for fullscreen view)

RDRC Rally Magazine is designed and developed by: RACEmotion (Jack Hintz), Ole Marius Myrvold and Michael Nelson
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(Could use some proofreading, though ;) Sorry, professional deformation ;) But other than that it really is very nice!)
It can never be enough proofreading. I am writing every single piece atm. Jack looks over it all when he puts it in, we use others in the crew to read over it, and maybe even a mum now and then :)
But one thing is for sure. When all is written by a non-native English speaker, there will be mistakes :) Always trying to minimize them though :)


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Oooh man, that will be great!! RDRC is back :):thumbsup: !! Can´t wait to be started again.
Fantastic memories of the last one..... Thanks to all involved to make it happen!
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Oh my gawd, just as I was about to retire from competitive rally

May have to come out of retirement
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