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Join The RaceDepartment Iracing Friends list.

Create a RD friends list:
- Introduce yourself here. (So we know your RD forum name and Iracing name)
- Send a friends request on the Iracing website to the RD-members who introduced themselves.

Tip: Iracing makes use of http://www.tradingpaints.com to share custom skins
- Create an account
- install the little program and login with your account

- use the RD skin as personal car.
- name them car_yourID.tga and put them in the car folder
- upload it to trading paints if you want it to be visible for others

RD Skins::
BMW Z4 GT3: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xitshgnp4v9yhrk/BMW_car_team_33534.tga?dl=0
RUF: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0xs8wm28nnzwk2g/Porsche_car_team_33534.tga?dl=0
C6R: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8zw46s1v2zsivp7/Corvette_Car_yourID.tga?dl=0

Feel free to create a RD skin and share a link. I'll add it to the list here. ;)
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Driver of the #73 Team OGMRZ Holden V8SC
Name: Josh Noack
Location: Australia
Road or Oval: Road
Favorite cars: All the cars (currently the V8 and DP)
Favorite tracks: VIR and Bathurst

Lorenzo Bonder

Wah wah.
Name: Lorenzo Bonder (duh, this obvious?)
Location: Brazil
Road or Oval: Road, all the way
Favorite Cars: CTS-V, RUF 12, BMW Z4
Favorite Tracks: Watkins Glen, Laguna Seca, Spa and Monza
Name: Fritz Anker
Location: USA, California
Road or Oval: Road, only road.
Favorite cars: Spec racer, Z4, and Ruf because I can't drive the thing
Favorite tracks: Philips Island, Bathurst, the Glen, Road America, Long Beach (tech track tho), VIR.
Name: Gerard Hatfield
Location: Dubai, UAE
Road or Oval: Focusing mainly on Road now. But don't mind a bit of Oval Racing
Favorite cars: Enjoying the RUF right now
Favorite tracks: Bathurst, Laguna, Spa and Monza to name a few.
Name: Sacha Fenestraz
Location: France/Argentina
Road or Oval: Road
Favorite cars: All the cars (like endurance races)
Favorite tracks: Spa, Sao Paulo


Name: A Mitchell
Location: United Kingdom
Road or Oval: Road & Oval
Favorite cars: Unknown yet
Favorite tracks: Spa, sebring, suzuka, silverstone, mugello, laguna seca etc.

I am really new, to iracing done my first 2x races today.


Name: Michael Henke
Location: North Carolina USA
Road or Oval: Road
Favorite cars: MX-5 Cup, SRF, Skip Barber
Favorite tracks: Lime Rock, Summit Point, Road Atlanta
Name: Chris Harris3
Location: Wales, UK
Road or Oval: Both!
Favorite Cars: Any Nascar, Z4 GT3
Favorite Tracks: Daytona, Lime Rock, Spa, Zolder
Name: Martin Pereira
Location: Uruguay
Road or Oval: Road
Favorite Cars: Ruf, Star Mazda
Favorite Tracks: Spa, Mount Panorama


Name: David Tejada
Location: US
Road or Oval: Road, oval some times..
Favorite Cars: MX-5, Skippy, Z4, McLaren, V8 SC
Favorite tracks: Spa, Phillip Island, Mosport, and many others.


Name: Mark Akira Watanabe
Location: Brazil
Road or Oval: Road
Favorite Cars: MX-5, Skippy, RUF, McLaren
Favorite tracks: Spa, Suzuka, Interlagos, Mount Panorama and many others


Name: Joonas Puhakka
Location: Finland
Road or Oval: Mostly Road
Favorite cars: Star Mazda, McLaren, Ford GT2
Favorite tracks: Sebring, Summit Point, Donington

Kurupt CDN

DirtT Tuned Motorsports
Name: Dave Slute
Location: Calgary Canada
Road or Oval: Road
Favorite cars: GT's/touring
Favorite tracks: shorter tracks


Czarleeese Baygio
Already been on the list for a bit but anyway:

Name: Tobias Röhner
Location: DE/AT/CH
Road or Oval: Oval
Favorite cars: Indy/Nascar/Street Stock
Favorite tracks: Intermediate Ovals and Super Speedways
Name: Morten Wernersen
Location: Denmark
Road or Oval: both
Favorite cars: The McLaren MP4-12c gt3, Nascar
Favorite tracks: Suzuka, Motegi Bathurst and some others
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