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RD 3.0 Style - Feedback and Suggestions

Dave Stephenson

RaceDepartment Technical Administrator
Afraid not as it's not comapatible with the new version of the forum.

The news section and it's various widgets are disabled for public viewing atm while work continues and will be returning later to take back their normal position as the main entry point to the site.
I understand this new design is "futuristic" and more "forum like" however i dislike how it focuses so much on forum part instead of the news part and it looks like it was made just for mobile phones exclusively. Can we have an option to return to the old UI?
As someone who uses it on a mobile... it doesn't feel made for mobiles. Everything is unnecessarily huge and I can only fit about 50% of the info on the screen that I used to. It used to be excellent on a mobile.

I realise this sounds very ungrateful to the staff working hard on it, but it's really frustrating as a user; I stopped using motorsport.com forums when they had a similar 'upgrade' because it became impractical to use. This one does, admittedly, seem better than that.
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The clash of the R and D lettering plus the colours reminds me to much of rFactor2 logo, maybe they was inspired by studio 397. Still a nice update to the site logo.

A nice feature I've just noticed, just like 'Disqus', I like that the forum tells you 'live' that a new post was added while you was writing a new comment.
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Ole Marius Myrvold

JWB 96-13
where did all emojis go?