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Hey Guys, check this little Beauty out. My friend from LFS Joecool done this, and this is how it's "meant" to be done. He does it professionally and all his work is second to non, although he does have the equip to go with it, I just think, its about time his awesome work got shared.

Enjoy Guys



Bram Hengeveld

RaceDepartment Founder
That movie kicks serious ass man! Looks real as real life can get, super. Looking forward for more footage!

James Yates


Little video of me doing a hillclimb in the 2008 Ford Focus WRC

Just a quick blast of me around Harwood Forest in 3min 30.5sec, I would say without the few mistakes I could take that down to a 3:24.




I had a bit of luck on 1:55 :wink2:
Just playing about with RS RBR! The 911 is a bit of a beast to drive but certainly very fun on the hairpins.


Justas Mikužis

And there some video form my blog :)

Pierre Stone

That was unbelievable! The driving and the look of the new tracks just blows my mind! If RBR would ever be released (developed) for XB360 this is how I want it to look. :D

Bert Van Waes


The first video i made off RBR, almost 2 years ago. That was the first time i almost finished Joux Plane for the first time racing near the limit. Still i got owned near the end...

Bert Van Waes


First time i finished Cote D'arbroz. Men these were good times.
Stressy, but what a great reward if you finished stage!!:)
Fantastic vids everyone! Justas, what's the HUD mod you're using in the video, it looks much clearer than the standard RBR one?

Justas Mikužis

Thanks, about hud it's simple, open car.ini (c4_08.ini) and find this line [Cam_internal] and then change the number for best set the camera position fo you
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