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    I would rate it an 8/10.

    I falls short of 9 and 10 because that was the era when overtaking was rare.

    I give it an 8 because of the rivalry between defending champion Alonso and resurgent outgoing champion Schumacher.

    Some of the races between Schumi and Alonso were epic in some ways.

    This was the first season of the V8's return to F1 which meant there was no clean, crisp wailing banshee sound from the engines.

    While 2006 was in the middle of the age of refined aerodynamics, the grooved tyres hindered overtaking severely.

    I'll admit, it was nice to see Button win his first race and hear James Allen excitedly saying, "They say he might never win a Grand Prix. HE'S DONE IT!!! JENSON BUTTON WINS THE HUNGARIAN GRAND PRIX!!! GET IN THERE!!!" because his compatriot won, of course.

    Also, what really turned the season upside down was late-season reliability for Ferrari when Schumacher suffered an engine failure and Alonso passed him and waved goodbye according to the American commentators Bob Varsha, Steve Matchett, and David Hobbs.

    Seeing Montoya leave took away some overall driver personality, but, he's troublesome on track. I hated the fact that this was a winless season for McLaren. :(

    And finally, Schumacher went out in style when he set constant fast laps in the Brasilian GP before he hung his helmet for 3 years.

    To the Schumi haters: hate all you want, but, never deny his greatness.

    Well, Monaco 2006 was when Schumi stopped his car in the middle of the track to prevent Alonso from out-qualifying him. Alonso and Hamilton have been nearly as loathsome as well, but, still - don't deny his greatness.

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