rain reflection?

hi i hawe BIG problemson how to make the track reflective, rain spray and grip is done by ed_jza80

i dont know why but i cant get rain texture to work (iam using 3dsimed) i chance the texture to rain reflective and export it back to the track it dont get reflective,

i know how to add rain texture on to .GMT files but not to the scn, or do i need to take every part of the track and make texture reflective to eatch track part? (also the track is NOT in .mas file)
it is in btb 70000 exported files.....

hope i can get some help here:)

and hope you understand my confusing english!:wink:

Kris Vickers

This probably wont be much help, but here goes;

Theres an rFactor standalone mod called TC2000_2009. This mod comes complete with quite a few tracks which you can race on in dry or wet condition. They even managed to make it look like its raining..... maybe extract one of the track and see how they did it?


yeah, ive figured out lighting, wheel spray, friction and wet skids. even made a sexy new skybox. AI hates it, but ill work on that

the perfect touch would be getting these track reflections to work on the track surface. william spent half the day and offended my sensitive eyes with his swearing over skype ;)

we dont care if it rains, just that the track looks wet :)

R Soul

I think a cube map is the answer. Working out a real reflection would kill the game - the entire track would have to be treated as an extra screen (like in-car mirrors). With a cube map, the game pretends there is a cube around your current view, and reflects its textures onto the material. For a good example, look at the pit building at Essington. The window material on the top floor uses a cube map (building_cube.dds) to simulate a reflection. If you look through the Shader list for a material, you'll see that you can have all sorts of combinations (e.g. bump, cube and specular, etc).


you would assume we have already read that! haha :D
(well i have, but im not making the reflection, william is :) and im not sure if hes using 3dsmax or 3dsimed)

ill let william chime in on the details, as hes the guy banging his head in 3dsimed, but we've been going through the steps from several approaches, ending in frustrating failure.
ok i used a WCP wet track and made exactly the same thing i took the cubemap from there and added it to the road and set the texture to
"bump cube specular map add alpha reflect t1" as in the WCP one, and exported it back. now when i open the .scn in 3dsimed i get reflection on the track exactly as the wcp one, but it dont show up in rFactor!? :confused:

any idea?


Everything you need to know is inside the wet track tutorial. It's really easy to follow. You just have to take note on how the materials are setup.
Now in the shader option select ‘Cube Map Add Alpha Reflect T1 T2’. This means that the first texture simply darkens the road, and the second texture’s alpha map controls how much reflection the cube map has.
Extract this to the locations directory.


Everything looks right in simed. That pic from in game is very dark and hard to make out, can you get a brighter one?

Don't forget that btb makes different sections of road different material names. you need to do it to all the materials.
I'd recommend to use simed and join all the materials with the same texture into one material by using the replace materials function.
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