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Racing with light contact?



Y'know what. Every once in a while I fancy a bit of a blow out. I've got a friend who goes banger racing every weekend and I was wandering if such a thing would be fun online. The tactics are somewhat questionable in most Race07/GTR Evo races. However, tactics which involve undercutting people at corners and the odd gentle nudge at the rear are mutually accepted. I don't mean demolition derby or this going round the track the wrong way nonsense. The intention is to win the race, and if somebody happens to leave themself vunerable, it's fair game. I would like to make it absolutely clear that I am not endorsing these kind of tactics in normal races. Nor would I behave in such a way without the rules being made obvious first. The idea is that it's to be taken in good humour. But I would like to know how I could make my intentions clear before ruining a race for anybody else on a public server. Better still, are there any regular events like this that I could take part in? I am pretty much an online racing virgin so I hope this doesn't offend anybody or make me look like a dickhead.
[edit] By the way, I had mini's in mind.

Grant Powell

Jun 30, 2008
I can see your thinking as i have occasionally had a few laps to see how i can crash my car LOL.

But to be honest these are simulation games i think this is best left for games that cater for this market like the Burnout series as although there are some idiots on public servers i dont think a lot of them would take to kindly to you smashing into them or suggesting it might be fun, they can be a serious bunch LOL.

Beside the mini's are very weak so dont think you would last to long in a race like this


You're quite right I know, it was just a thought. I take the racing (reasonably) seriously too. As I said, "every once in a while" and I figured that if it appeals to me, maybe there are others. The problem with Burnout and the like is the cartoon like handling. I wanted to take advantage of the sim handling, banger racing is, after all 'real'. As for the damage, I didn't mean full contact racing, just scrapes and nudges. I remember reading about a bangers league which was set in Live for Speed but I don't know what happened to it, or if it's still going.

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