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Racing Tips

Simon Trendell

Feb 19, 2008
I want to get a thread going of Racing Tips, things that people have said that tend to stick with you can pop into your head out on track.

Two that come to mind for me are from:


First is at ~4.28
Second is at ~7.40

At the V-WTCC it was amazing how much more input others were making with the wheel compared to me. I think in part it's due to me having a DFP and hating the noise it makes when being turned quickly.

Any others that people have?

Simon Bacon

Apr 11, 2008
Another Jackie Stewart quote that was embedded into me during my emergency driving course. Think it's still quoted in RoadCraft.

"Seeing is not something that happens, seeing is something you do."

Comes in very handy sometimes online.:p

Bill Bailey

Probably the best advice you can use either in the sim or in real racing is look as far down the road as you can so you'll know whats coming.


Edward Leake

True, although you should look to your apex, clip your apex and then look to your exit as far up the track as you can. Don't drive using your nose! :D

Lee Downham

Jun 16, 2008
A big thing I learnt from trying to ride my motorbike faster over the years that transfers over to cars is in the areas of braking and traction ...

Get on and off the brake as smoothly as you can ... don't use the brake like a switch, whacking the brakes on or off suddenly will unsettle the suspension, lose traction, and probably throw you off line (or the track).
(Jackie Stewart hints towards this in the above vid with the leaning versus pushing thing).

A gem I picked up from a biking book is about traction (california superbike school blokee, can't remember his name and book is away in storage at the mo') ... anyhow it is (only slightly) more detailed and eloquently written but it goes along the lines of ...

You only have €100 (or pounds/dollars/shackles :rolleyes:) at any one time to spend on traction ... if you are braking hard and so using €90 of that, then you only have only €10 left to spend on cornering ... as you reduce your braking, you then have more Euros to dedicate to cornering ... and the same in reverse (cornering hard, no money left for braking).
So you have to reduce "spending" on one to increase the amount of money you need for the other ...
At least I think that's how it goes

... funny thing is, I reckon we all know a lot of theory, but for me its definitely finding the time to put it all together that is the problem :p

Toni Talvitie

May 4, 2008
its pretty simple: longer u have pedal to the medal and wheels pointing straight forward,
faster u are ;D

but seriously that Jamie's pdf linky was cool tbh.

Lee Downham

Jun 16, 2008
This was starting to be a good thread, but got lost in the passage of time ... so I thought I would give it a :bump:

Trevor Catt

Sep 10, 2008
Heres my advice
"Learning the track properly and driving the right lines will find you more time than any setup"