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Racing the AI

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Giovaneveterano, Nov 2, 2017.

  1. Giovaneveterano


    Hi community!
    I'm going to open a classic one, just after I red some older discussions about the AI.
    I have 300+ hours of AC racing, most of the time online against human opponents, the toughest and more fun here in the awesome Racing Club.

    I'd like to spend some time racing against the AI in random races or maybe starting an offline season. Every time I'm not fully happy with the competition I find: at 100% the AI is still not competitive in both qualifying and race.

    The AI seems to can't find the extra pace they need to have to challenge me, I'm pretty sure is related to some setting (aggression?) or bad setup of their car.

    Someone can recommend some good settings for the AI or a particular track/car combo that suits best?
    I know I can tweak the AI speed over 100% into the .ini file for each track, but most of the time it makes the cars behave strangely.
    Thank you all in advice.
  2. Chris Burnell

    Chris Burnell

    Hi Federico,
    Since your attached picture shows the historic non-aero F1 cars, are these the cars that are not competitive for you?
    I race offline against the AI with the Lotus 49 and Ferrari 312 also, and I agree they are not the most competitive at 100%.
    To compensate, I do the following, and it makes for a much better challenge:
    - modify a given track's limits and AI line specific for these cars. You might want to create a separate copy of the track folders for this.
    - modify the ai_hints.ini for each track to increase (or decrease) the AI pace at specific sections of track. This will help make them more competitive (or less reckless) for certain corners.
    *** the instructional video here helps learn how to do the above 2...http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/ai-line-helper.16016/
    - set the AI variation to max (5%?) so that the AI strength is up to 105%
    - drive the Ferrari 312 and have the AI drive the Lotus 49. The AI are faster with the Lotus 49
    I find these changes make for a much more challenging race.
    Hope that helps!
  3. HypoToad


    Instead of trying to make the AI go faster can't you just choose a slower car than the AI have or make your car go slower?

    You can use Assetto Corsa Car Tuner, create a new "tune" for the car you like and make that car have less power, choose that as your car for the race and let the AI have the regular car.

    Or if you don't like that idea, create a new "tune" and increase the power of that car, and have the AI use the faster car, either way they will be much more competitive.

    No matter how good a driver a person is using either of these methods you could make it so there is no way you can keep up with the AI or adjust it so it's "just right".
  4. Emery


    This (or the inverse) is probably the most straight forward way. The need for this kind of performance boost for top drivers vs. AI kind of puts a nail in the coffin of the much-ballyhooed "no need for AI to have cheater physics" as obviously there is a need.
  5. Neilski

    Staff Premium

    IIRC, they are worse at some tracks than others because of their inability to cope well with certain track features (e.g. compressions like Eau Rouge). On some tracks (and cars) I find that they beat me even at 90% (or lower) and other times I find they aren't much competition at 100%. I can't quite remember which is which now cos I mostly race online ;)
  6. Chris Burnell

    Chris Burnell

    Yes, compressions and decompressions are were the AI are either uncompetitive or reckless. This were modifying the ai_hints file helps. However, there is no magic bullet.
    Yes, of course AI can not replace online for truly competitive opponents. However, for those that don't want to race GT3 all the time, or more specifically want to race open-wheelers, online choice is limited.
  7. Rob Every

    Rob Every

    After my early forays into career I quickly realised that the AI depend entirely on the track chosen.

    As I tended to find that even with a settled percentage figure of difficulty, at some career events it was stupidly easy at that rate, yet at others you would be struggling along, driving twice as hard and there would always be a breakaway group out front, and no matter what you did you could not catch them.

    Think the AI are OK to race against, but the way they approach certain tracks or certain car groups is very odd.
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