Sell Racewheel Sparco with Martin Ascher shifterplate


Like metioned in the topic title i have this wheel with button-shifter plate for sale.
Has not been used for 2 years. Comes with 70mm Buchfink QR.
In very good condition. Pictures included.
Located in Belgium and can be shipped in Europe. Ask for a shipping quote.
Pick up can be done aswell.
For now reasonable offers get a reply.
1Afbeelding van Kurt (1).jpg

2Afbeelding van Kurt (1).jpg
3Afbeelding van Kurt (2).jpg
4Afbeelding van Kurt (2).jpg
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Jeremy Ford

Arrived and in perfect working order. A very nice piece of kit and looks amazing on the rig, very happy indeed. Thanks again Kurt.

Just final message for others, this is a trustworthy seller.