RaceRoom Racing Experience | New Hotfix Update Released

A new hotfix update for RaceRoom Racing Experience is here.

Following up from the massive new December build release for RaceRoom Racing Experience, Sector3 Studios have dropped another, smaller, hotfix update for the simulation - that should hopefully resolve some of the force feedback issues experienced by certain users, as well as offering an improved experience for Direct Drive wheel users, amongst other selected fixes.

The new build update is available next time a player restarts their Steam client.

In other RaceRoom news, the simulation is currently free to play all weekend - with all content! Not tried it yet, now is the time to experience what this increasingly impressive simulation is all about.

RaceRoom Racing Experience Update Notes:

Download size = 351 MB
Client version =
Client BuildID = 4512421
Dedicated server version = 56.0.1062
Dedicated server BuildID = 4514536

  • Fixed a case where some steering wheels would not have any Force FeedBack due to their lack of support for square or sawtooth wave signals used since our last update for flatspots and curbstones.
  • Tweaked the default Force FeedBack settings for Direct Drive wheels by reducing damping, increasing rack percentage and scaling the maximum output.
  • When using a controller that has no wheel rotation (such as a gamepad), the Wheel Angle setting in car setup is now properly static instead of appearing to be changeable and then resetting itself.
  • Fixed a case where tyre pressure changes would sometimes not apply.
  • Sounds - Decreased volume of brake lock sounds
  • Porsche 911 GT3 R (2019) - Added more low frequencies to the cockpit sound
  • Porsche GT2 RS Clubsport - Improved default setup and raceability. Increased default FFB multiplier.
  • Turbo cars - Improved standing start performances (except WTCR, GT4 and GT3)
  • All cars - Reduced the big differences in default FFB multipliers, and reduced some extreme undertray friction values found on various older cars.
  • Formula RaceRoom 90 - Tweaks to AI performance
  • Formula RaceRoom X-17 - Tweaks to AI behavior
  • GT3 - Reduced drag for Nissan GT-R and tweaked gear ratios for the McLaren 650S. Tweaks to AI performance. Fixed some weird sound levels heard in the Corvette Z06.R GT3.
  • Group C - Improved feel through tweaks to the steering geometry
  • Group 4 - Tweaks to AI performance
  • WTCC 2013 - Fixed tyres getting punctured very easily from flatspots
  • Sachsenring - Modified the announcer sound sample as it was a bit repetitive with very accentuated "KOMMT der Daniel Keilwitz recht GUT weg"

RaceRoom Racing Experience is available now exclusively on PC.

Want to learn more about the tips and tricks of RaceRoom Racing Experience? Ask a question to our awesome sim racing community at the RaceRoom Racing Experience sub forum here at RaceDepartment.

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Nick Hill

Oct 26, 2013
Dayum, that's a pretty big hotfix (351 MB).

Anyone remember how big the install file was for GT Legends? :p


Feb 17, 2016
"Fixed a case where some steering wheels would not have any Force FeedBack due to their lack of support for square or sawtooth wave signals used since our last update for flatspots and curbstones."

So many questions in my head :O_o:

I would love to get a better understanding of how Raceroom goes about implementing it's various ffb effects.

From the very little experimentation I've done, I've found that sine wave seems to be used for the in-game slip effect. For example, if I turn sine wave to 0% in my driver, slip effect cannot output anything to my wheelbase (SC2) even cranked up to 100%.

That's got me to wondering, is there a possibility that one of the Devs, if they see this, can give an explanation?

I'm thinking in terms of the relationship (if any) between each game effect that is outputted and the direct input that would be used to translate that into our hands.

Does it differ from wheelbase to wheelbase depending on the driver capabilities etc?
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Jun 28, 2019
didn't try it with my triples yet, will try today with the free weekend after uninstalling because of space issues on my racing SSD


Sep 9, 2016
Since first BIG update.....
Group C front end became loose under any type of braking, like driving on ice............Hope this is the fix for it.
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Jun 28, 2019
best FFB feeling and scale for my G29 i've ever experienced out of the box with all the different cars.
don't know if it's clipping though but it felt very heavy and good.