RaceRoom Racing Experience | Brands Hatch Grand Prix - Now Available

It's here at last! The Grand Prix layout of the famed Brands Hatch circuit in the UK has been added to RaceRoom Racing Experience.

It is worth noting that owners of the existing Brands Hatch Indy Circuit will not be getting the new layout as an exiting extension to the original track, as Sector3 have confirmed the GP layout is indeed a standalone DLC add-on - purchasable from the RaceRoom Store for around £4.53. The original Indy configuration is still available for £2.71, and has recently been updated to 2020 livery specification.

Original Source: Sector3 Studios.

RaceRoom Racing Experience is a PC exclusive racing simulation, available now.

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Sep 28, 2009
You can discuss Brands Hatch and the rest of the latest patch in this thread. :thumbsup:
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