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RaceRoom has been updated (hotfix) 24-05-2016

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Vangelis Parginos, May 24, 2016.

  1. Vangelis Parginos

    Vangelis Parginos
    Greek SimRacing Community Premium


    Hotfix Patch

    • Added a default profile for the Logitech G920. This requires G920 users to update the firmware and drivers from Logitech.

    Sounds, Cameras, Physics & AI:
    • New TV Cameras for Nurburgring GP
    • Increased grid size for Suzuka East to 46 vehicles.
    • Increased grid size for Hockenheim National and Short to 32 vehicles
    • Increased grid size for Hungaroring to 48 vehicles
    • Increased grid size for Slovakiaring to 44 vehicles
    • Fixed a case where player was given a cut track warning when entering the pitlane at Bathurst
    • Fixed a couple of garage spots at Salzburgring that were outside of the pitlane limit
    • Fixed a congestion issue when all AI’s would pit in simultaneously on Nordschleife layout.
    • Increased fuel use estimations for most of the track layouts to a safer level, adressing all issues where AI’s wouldn’t embark enough fuel to complete a 15 minutes race session
    • Fixed handbrake pressure being null on cars with recently updated physics

    • New liveries for the Ford Mustang GT3 in GTR3 class
    • New liveries for the P4/5 Competizione in GTR3 class
    • RaceRoom Raceway: updated the tarmac, mapped the groove better, and various small fixes
    • Tatuus F4: made brake disks visually bigger to better match the real car
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