Racer 24h!


I had an idea! Why don't we do a 24h with racer? (or a 6 or 4h) We can make teams, choose a track and car, and then each one would race for a certain time and change with his team-members. At the end we see which team drove the best etc. I know it will be difficult, but maybe team-members from same country/timezone could be together, so they can drive during the day.
We need a racer host thing too... I never did a multiplayer online race though, but if we could do it, it could be fun and challenging. Maybe one person could be a supervisor for 1h and then for the next hour someone else, idk...

We did some race-challenges before, like the laptime board I did with st0ff, so why not a 24h?;)

You think it will possible? I should start practicing then....:)


I haven't played with the multiplayer really recently last time I did though me (being the host) and the person on the server had to have the same cars which was kind of annoying. (but we were cruising in my Porsche 928)

But if that problem has been fixed I still couldn't see doing 24h, maybe 6h. if it is possible I already know my choice in car, a purpose built I van (yes van lol) have that makes some super cars look silly in terms of speed. (like I pulled off a 1:18 on the TG test track)

Anywyas hopefully it works. would be fun to do.

Ian Strom

If this sort of thing was to ever happen with Racer you would have to do quite a few test runs and get everything tweaked or any issues worked around for a smooth final race.
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