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Racer 0665 fan-site

Discussion in 'Racer' started by luthobu, Jun 28, 2013.

  1. luthobu


    Have been playing around with Racer0665 on one of my older laptops and am
    still impressed with its features, the amount of content, and its playability.
    For this reason I intend to set up a Racer0665 fan-site on Alge.

    The site will have the standard Racer0665 installation, some of the best
    tracks and cars, tweaking options and shader info. As far as possible it
    will also contain newer tracks and cars that have been de-cg'd - and also
    new tracks as I will be using the 0665 version as the basis for my new
    tracks.I will also improve and enhance older tracks that now are considered
    obsolete, where the creator is no longer available and where the effort
    seems reasonable.

    There are several reasons for doing this. First of all, 0665 is still fun, it
    still looks good, and I like the retro feeling. It is also a great testing base
    for new models as it does not require special hardware, does not require
    advanced shaders or textures, and is easy to modify and enhance.

    It is not a critique of the newer Racer versions, it is a private project
    that I wish to share, and I think that 0665 still can provide hours and
    hours of fun.

    Link will be provided when the site is up and running.
  2. Mr Whippy

    Mr Whippy

    Sounds like a great plan.

    Why not ask our forum admin if you can have a sub-section specifically for it?

    That way it can be seen by everyone more easily and we can all upload old cars/tracks we might have, and maybe even act as motivation for people to make their content also work in this more supported version.

    I'm happy to make content for both versions but I kinda need to know people will bother using it etc :D

  3. luthobu


    Thank you :) Not sure if there is any need for a forum sub-section for it since
    it seems most users prefer 0.9+. It might even take a while to get it up and
    running with content since all of my older tracks are on a server that has
    been put away for storage (pretty far away from here). But, I guess it is a
    good idea to start with existing community content and take if from there.

    All cars and tracks will be modified to fit a certain standard with HD textures,
    optimized shaders, bug fixes etc. - so that only the best tracks and cars
    will be available. Consider it a MOD if you wish, in the line of P&G3 (for those
    who do not know, they enhanced and optimized GTL and ported it to the
    GTR2 engine).This means that the default racer.ini will be optimized,
    loading screens and other images will be altered to fit the profile, and
    where possible all settings will be tweaked and improved.

    So, it will not be a default 0665, but the default version will still be
    included so those who run into problems or don't like my changes
    can make their own.

    As mentioned, it is a private project that I started working on so I could
    test models, and it turned out to pay off - for me at least ;)

    PS: This of course means that I will not be making CG tracks anymore,
    sorry about that. But I want to finish Mashup (CG) and have an improved
    version of Elan (CG) which is almost done. Gizmo's will be reverted back
    to the old shader system and finally finished as NO-CG. (some day) - and
    I will not make CG shaders for it.

    Correction: After looking at the quality of some of the old tracks and
    comparing to the newer CG versions (on my other rig with 24" WS,
    Nvidia GT 630 GPU, 8 Gb Ram) 0655 did not look good at all. It is
    good for very low-end computers, but for modern ones it requires way
    too much work to look good. Shame really, I do not have time for that.

    Will still put up a site with some of the best tracks and cars, just as
    a hommage and nothing more. Still worth it.
  4. mdbobbo


    Wow .. luthobu that sounds a great idea, I'll make a list of all the cars and tracks I have appropriate for that version of racer, I'm sure I have 90% of all that was popular back in the day. maybe more as I did then get a lot more done then than I do now.
    BUT, with unlimited internet access now arrived in New Zealand I don't need to worry about some default 80gig limit even a tetrabyte is not my limit now it's go hard right past zeta ...etc.

    Any how yes there will be a list arriving soon as I just moved house and will need to search out those backup CD-Roms I have hehe

    Finally I have sorted them into groups, good cars and tracks ( cars no sounds) and a few others
    there are 154 working cars - 137 working tracks (101 cars with no sound) and (under ten track errors)
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2014