RaceDepartment vs Wham! 2014


If you get a Quali Place, you can get a Race Pace
Hello and welcome to the all-time classic RaceDepartment vs Wham!. For this year, you have to do the same as all the other years, to not hear the song at all costs (Easier than it 'sounds' ;))

So you have to make it to the new year, 2015, without hearing the song :thumbsup:

  • You must make it to new year in your time zone, this is the end point.
  • The original Wham! version is the only one that eliminates you. If you hear a cover version, it doesn't count as an elimination.
  • When you hear the song, it counts as being Whammed! and you must post that you were eliminated and how.
  • No bait and trapping on this thread. Any links to the video not clearly marked on this thread mean an instant disqualification for the user linking.
  • You have until 1st December to sign up, but the competition starts from when you sign up.
  • Be honest. If you have been Whammed! don't hide it.
  • This thread is a safe zone. Listening to the song on this thread doesn't count as a Wham!ming. Use it to check if what you heard was the original version or not.
  • Don't trust anyone. If you tell someone you are doing this and they aren't, they will try to Wham! you.
  • If you do hear it start to play, you are out, so keep listening to see if it is the Wham! version or a cover, you could be lucky.
  • Radio stations, TV channels and shops are all danger zones, be prepared to turn it off/leave/cover your ears and go "lalalalalalala".
  • Turn the volume off before clicking links, there is no penalty for seeing the video.

All in all, enjoy and don't get Whammed!
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If you get a Quali Place, you can get a Race Pace
Signed up users:
  • Rami Saidy
  • Rui F. Martins
  • Ricardo Umans
  • Milos Ancevski
  • Hiroshi Awazu
  • Omer Said
  • Paul M Jones
  • Oldwolf
  • Nelson Ullinskey
  • Manolis Sigoulakis
  • Aidan Keranen
  • Benutzername
  • w1n1x
  • Andrew Boerner

Whammed! user log:

15/11/2014 I Nelson Ullinskey -
Radio Stations are a no go, as Nelson found out to his cost
25/11/2014 I Old Wolf - Didn't expect the most heard song at this time on year to appear on Radio, even with Christmas fast approaching
27/11/2014 I Milos Ancevski - Cheeky Jimlaad43 in the Premium Section is successful in Whamming! Ancevski in the Middle of a Race (Digital race, that is)
1/12/2014 I Paul M Jones - Turning on your TV has never been such a negative prospect, until you hear the song of doom...

06/12/2014 I Andrew Boerner -
Gone to a Neighbour's Party, and there was the song loud and clear
08/12/2014 I Rui F. Martins - When you listen to a Radio Station that has never played Wham, be sure that it is about to play Wham...
08/12/2014 I Benutzername - Don't let the chocolate in School fool you from the real focus - to avoid Wham...
14/12/2014 I Rami Saidy - The random playlist of shops is a scary system, especially as you risk entering, only to hear Wham's beat in its chorus...
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Well this is great... I work in a warehouse where they sell Christmas trees, accessories etc. And where they play christmas music 24/7. Despite that I want to go for the challenge.

PS. If you had done Mariah Carey I would have been Carey'd! coming saturday already