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Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by millen, Jun 12, 2016.

  1. millen


    Hi guys, does anyone have any tips or processes for getting a track from Race Track Builder into AMS?

    Have exported a test track as an rFactor 2 format from RTB, and loaded it up into Blender, but not sure where to go from there... I am guessing it will be beyond my skill levels... :p
  2. ebrich


    I have converted from rFactor 1 to GSCE, now AMS, I believe, but not rFactor 2.

    No problem if you have 3DSIMED.

    The conversion from rF 1 is via an encryption. You need the gmt and tex files not loaded into mas file and follow the instructions for the tool "rfactortools-0.3.1.win32", download link -


    to encrypt them.

    Its makes life easier, if you make a small basic track, just road and a bit of terrain, to find your way through this, until your confident you can get it to work .

    The instructions below are found on the opening window of the tool "rfactortools-gui.exe".

    This application allows you to convert rFactor mods so that they can
    be used with Game Stock Car 2013. Conversation is for most part fully
    automatic, but some issues may remain, the file FAQ.md explains how to
    fix or work around some of them.

    To convert a mod:

    1) Extract your mod into an empty directory. If your mod comes as .exe
    install it into an empty directory. Do not install it directly into
    the rFactor or GSC2013 directory.

    2) Select the directory where you unpacked the mod as "Input".

    3) Select the directory where you want the conversion to be copied to
    as "Output". Installing directly into the GSC2013 is not
    recommended, use an empty directory instead.

    4) Hit the "Convert" button and wait a minute or two while the
    conversion takes place.

    5) Once the conversion is finished copy the mod from the "Output"
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  3. Rodrigo Casaces

    Rodrigo Casaces

    I Just bought race track builder, and Just learning from this tool. But I'd like to make tracks for ams too, so i am still looking for a tutorial. It Will be great if piddy put ams on the list.
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  4. Erwin Greven

    Erwin Greven
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