Race server problem

Mike McMullan

Feb 2, 2007
I mentioned this in a post a while back but the problem cropped up again....

I'm just after joining a race at Macau on one of the RPM public servers. We went to the race session with 6 racers total...I joined the grid first and waited for the others to join. As I saw the yellow message "Waiting for 5 players" count down, I noticed that I couldn't actually see any of the other competitors.
The race itself did start but without me. I pressed escape and went to the race monitor to check what was going on... the first 3 racers (grid positions 1,2,3) were happily enjoying their battle in the race, while two other racers (5th 6th positions) were still sat on the grid stationary, presumably with the same problem as me - wondering where everyone else was.

This is not the first time I've seen this, and it only happens to me on RPM servers, and I now know that it happens to other people as well and that the error must be server-side and not with my computer/connection.

Do you know what's causing this or how we can fix it? Has anyone else complained about this?

Thanks guys.

P.S. I can see the other cars in Practice/Qualifying sessions but not Race

Henrik Stoldt

that's the most disturbing bug in the game, even worse than the invisible car bug. i hate it but i don't know the reason for it. i guess it's just some mistake by simbin's programmers

Bram Hengeveld

RaceDepartment Founder
Staff member
Dec 26, 2006
Hmm the macau server i set to no collision. Maybe it only occurs in non-colly sessions?
Can you monitor that for us guys?

Thanks for the feedback Jimbo

Michael Sharpe

I've had this problem before. To get around it, while on the grid with no visible cars I press + or - on the keyboard numberpad to scroll through the other players (like in replay mode), then press ENTER to go back to yourself onscreen, and magically the other players are now visible.

Don't ask me why it works for me! try it next time it happens... :)