Race Department Intro Movie SPA

Hey Guys!

Hope you're all fine!

I saw your Intro on the mainpage and it looks great!

Anyway I noticed that there are many movies done, using Spa. Sure, because its an fantastic track! But in rF the GTL-Spa Version is not that stunning.

I have done a new one with GTR2 graphics, 24h 2006 adverts & baloons (as seen in the 2006 Aston Martin onboard lap on youtube) and tv-track cams and even more. Badass day/night transitions and so on.

The prob is I don't have permission for all of that. But you guys would deserve to drive a better legal Spa-version. The new ones, are still far away from being ready though.

So how can we handle it?

I have done an unedited screenshot album to show you a bit of the track....


If no one is interested the admin's are free to delete this topic. Don't want to bother.... :cool:

BTW: This video here was the reason to get all the things done. And of course the Endu-Mod 2007 Fia-Season wich fits quit well to the track :tongue:


Bram Hengeveld

A scratchbuild spa for rfactor is very interesting, illegal conversions we cannot run for obvious reasons. Great movie btw!
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