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What racing gear do you use while sim racing?

  • Gloves

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  • Boots

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Race Department Forum Racing - Season 32

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Following a revolutionary Season 31, one which saw new team events and rules regarding team communications, Season 32 looks to add and improve upon the spectacle that is FORUM RACING. Lesley Buurlage and the Red Bull team took home the championship last season. Can anyone step up to the task of replacing them on the top step?

What is Forum Racing?
Forum Racing is the simple act of completing races started by the moderator. The moderator (@rubaru) will make a post in the thread telling everyone the race has started. The type of race will also be announced, along with any special rules that must take place in order to FINISH.

How do I join?
Simply state that you would like to become a racer in the thread, and choose a team to join. Read the instructions, work out which race is next, and be ready for lights out!

Race Types / How to Play
Sprint Race
The moderator posts a "Sprint Race started" post. Competitors must post "FINISH" as soon as possible. Points will be given out in the order that the "FINISH" posts are written. Races are open until either everyone finishes, or 48 hours have elapsed since the last person posted.

Feature Race
The Feature Race will now include tyre strategies. The moderator posts a "Feature Race started" post. Competitors must post "START" as soon as possible, as well as their choice of SOFT or HARD Tyres for the first stint. When you PIT, you will automatically be switched to the other tyre compound. After the correct amount of time, post FINISH. If you are on SOFT tyres, you must wait 1hr 1min until your next post (either PIT or FINISH). If you are on HARD tyres, you must wait 1hr 31min until your next post. You may find an advantage to this if you think you will be late for one of the required posts.

Endurance Race
The Endurace Race is a new team event lasting 12 hours. Prior to the beginning of the Endurance Team Race, the moderator will ask for Team Orders. One member of the team must announce in the thread the order in which their drivers will be participating. At some point after all teams have announced their Driver Orders, the moderator will post a "Endurance Race started" post. Driver #1 must post "START" as soon as possible. After 4 hours and 1 minute, Driver #1 must post "SWITCH DRIVER". After 4 hours and 1 minute, Driver #2 must post "SWITCH DRIVER". After another 4 hours and 1 minute, Driver #3 must post "FINISH", and their race is complete. All three members of the team must compete in the Endurance Race and post in the proper order. Team communication is very important during the Endurance Race, so set this up early with your teammates!

Other rules?
  • Penalties are applied for timing infringements or misconduct in the thread. There are no penalties for taking too long to post, but every minute early you post is a 30-minute time penalty.
  • After you post, you are not allowed to edit that post for 5 minutes. If you post early, you cannot re-post that same order, you must carry on from there and accept the penalty. This also applies to posting the wrong thing, where you must wait 5 minutes and post the correct thing. Your time will be counted from when you posted the correction. After posting one of the components of a race, if the same one is posted soon after, it will be classed as a correction. This means that times will be counted from that post. Penalties can still be given out for double posting within 5 minutes.
  • During an Endurance Race, if a player drives twice during the same race, the team as a whole is disqualified and will receive zero points. If a driver posts out of turn, the Team will receive a 4hr time penalty. In this case, a different driver must take his place, so long as that driver has not had his turn yet.
Examples (Team Orders are #1, #2, #3)
Team Races as #1, #3, #2: 4hr penalty for driving out-of-order.
Team Races as #1, #2, #1: Disqualified for Driver #1 racing twice.​
  • Team Radio will continue to be allowed the game. You may now Tag your teammate in the thread to try and coax them to post sooner. Team orders and time checks are allowed, but please keep these to a Private Conversation between you and your teammates.
Gentlemen's Rule
In order to keep the game fun and interesting for everyone, you should not set up email alerts for new replies in this thread. Past events have shown that it isn't healthy for the game itself, and that's it's more enjoyable for all participants if they're not used.

Points (updated from last season to be more in-line with Formula One)
1st: 25
2nd: 18
3rd: 15
4th: 12
5th: 10
6th: 8
7th: 6
8th: 4
9th: 2
10th and beyond: 1
Pole Position (not awarded for Sprint Races): 1
Fastest Lap (fastest stint, first to do it, soft tyres only): 1

For Team Events (Endurance Race), each driver will receive the number of points based on the Team's finishing position. If your team finishes first, each driver will receive 25 points, and the Team receives 75 points.

Start Times
Start times will be established before the season begins with a random number generator. When a race result is announced, the next race will begin after 24 hours (1 day) and before 120 hours (5 days) have elapsed.

Teams shall consist of three drivers. Feel free to create a band of three teammates. If you sign-up and there are teams without enough drivers, feel free to join that team, or create another team on your own. When signing up, please give a name you would like to be known as. If it is your real name, fine, but if you don't want to use it, please try to come up with a name that suits your username.

Driver Number
All drivers are also required to pick a driver number. This will represent them throughout all races. If you have a number from last season, you will have first rights to that number, or you can chose a new one.

If you don't finish lots of races in succession, two things will happen. Firstly, you will lose the right to be waited for in the results, so if everyone else has finished, I will get on with the results. If it carries on, your teammate is allowed to replace you with a new driver if one appears. If the booted out driver does finish, they must choose a new team to join. Drivers will be ignored after their 3rd unaccounted for cumulative DNF (accounted for DNFs are ones where I’m told of people being on holiday, in hospital etc BEFORE the race), and will be kicked after their 5th cumulative DNF.
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Teams are based on classic Formula One Constructors Champions.

Ferrari 158

#11 Oorjit Mishra (IND)
#17 Sasha Jednak (SRB)
#21 Mark Lintner (HUN)

Lotus 72D

#2 Daniel Harvey (GBR)
#5 Omer Said (TUR)
#6 Hugo Rossello (FRA)

McLaren MP4/5

#7 Old Wolf (GRE)
#14 Tapio Rinneaho (FIN)
#19 Aidan Keranan (AUS)

Williams FW07B

#4 Andrea Dovizioso (ITA)
#13 Ben Utzer (GER)
#66 Jimmy Laad (GBR)

Brabham BT19

#00 OPEN
#00 OPEN
#00 OPEN

Matra MS80

#00 OPEN
#00 OPEN
#00 OPEN
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Its gonna be a busy next couple of months for me but I am confident that I will participate anyway!
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