Race Department Forum Racing Season 25

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Oct 27, 2014

Welcome everyone to the 25th season of Race Department's Forum Racing, with last season being dominated by Xen Foro. Will he be dominant again or will we be seeing someone else taking over his glory. Guess the only was to find out is to get racing.

Joining is quick and simple. If you see a team you like, or maybe a livery, or you know you want to be in a team, just post your preference and you're in. For those people who like a bit of control, then why not make your own team? The latest version of the template is available here, but don't worry if you're not artistic, there are members who are happy to take requests.

The Races:
This is the most important part of the game. After the moderator has made the post "GOGOGO", you have to post a certain word depending on the type of race. This season sees the return of Medium races.

Sprint Races:
This is considered as the easiest race. After the post "GOGOGO" you simply only have to post "Finish". First one who posts, wins.

Medium Races:
Making a return this season. After the post "GOGOGO" you have to post "Start", then wait 1hr and 1 minute and then post "Finish". First one who posts, wins.

Feature Races:
This race will take the longest though it's quite similar to medium races. After the post "GOGOGO" you have to post "Start", then wait 1hr and 1 minute, then post "Pit", wait another 1hr and 1 minute and then post "Finish".

24hr Race:
This is a one-timer taking place at the Circuit de la Sarthe. After the post "GOGOGO" you have to post "Start", then wait 1 day and 1 minute and then post "Finish".

Points System:
1st - 30 pts
2nd - 26 pts
3rd - 23 pts
4th - 20 pts
5th - 18 pts
6th - 16 pts
7th - 14 pts
8th - 12 pts
9th - 10 pts
10th - 8 pts
11th - 6 pts
12th - 5 pts
13th - 4 pts
14th - 3 pts
15th - 2 pts
All others who finish - 1 pt
DNF - 0 pts

Pole Position - 3 pts

Starting Times:

With 16 races being on the calendar this year, that does mean 8 hours of the day will miss out. This also means 6 days will have 2 races and 1 day has 3 races. Also, a race can't start on the same hour. The race times will be based on GMT. So for example: Race 1 starts on 18:13 GMT, this means a race can't start from 18:00 GMT till 18:59 GMT anymore.

These won't be awarded during sprint races, though they will be during the other 3 race types. With each minute posting early you will recieve a "30 minutes" time penalty.

Tagging your teammate during races to make them post earlier isn't allowed as well. If you tag your teammate the tagger will recieve a "1 hour" penalty and the person tagged will get "30 minutes" added up to their time. If you tag someone from outside your team, you'll get a "2 hour" penalty and the person tagged doesn't get one.

If you post the wrong thing for example posting "Finish" on a medium race you can't edit the post for 5 minutes and you may not edit the original post in which you posted "Finish". So if we take the example above you must wait 5 minutes and then post "Start" in a different post. If you fail to do these you'll be awarded a "30 minutes" time penalty for every failed requirement.

If you don't finish lots of races in succession, two things will happen. Firstly, you will lose the right to be waited for in the results, so if everyone else has finished the results will be done. If it carries on, your team mate is allowed to replace you with a new driver if one appears. If the booted out driver does finish, they must choose a new team to join.


Driver Standings:


Constructor Standings:
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Oct 27, 2014
Teams and Drivers:


0 Tobi Kederer
2 Steven Poirier
Ferrari 2004.png

Last season's champ Xen Foro had to work really hard to clinch the title for Ferrari as mid-season Ben Herbert decided to retire. Xen hasn't confirmed his seat for this year yet, though a returning champ by the name of Tobi Kederer rejoins the series, parttime. Steven Poirier joins the Ferrari team after being absent for a year.

Online Martini Racing
3 Ben Utzer
4 Joel Rautavaara

Runner up's in both the drivers as constructors. With Engberink leaving and Utzer not having his best season last season, Utzer'll be looking to match his last year's late season form. Joel Rautavaara joined the OMR team as a replacement for Engberink. With Rautavaara not scoring a single podium last year, he'll be looking to at least get one this year and help his teammate out to the clinch the title.

5 Aidan Keranen
6 Tapio Rinneaho
Mclaren 1998.png

Mclaren kept their last season's lineup with Keranen finishing third. He had a very good 1st part of the season, though his mid-season form saw him losing many points eventually ending up in third position. Tapio Rinneaho joins Aidan Keranen for another season with scoring some good results last season, though just missing the consistency.

Brawn GP
7 Jimmy Laad
8 Daniel Harvey
Brawn 2009.png

With HRT gone due to financial problems, the team rebranded into Brawn GP keeping the same lineup as HRT had last season. Jimmy Laad scoring one win at his home track will be looking to double that amount, maybe triple it. Daniel Harvey had a disappointing season last year seeing he finished third two seasons ago. He'll be looking to help his teammate take Brawn to the top.

Grip Racing
9 Manolis Sigoulakis
10 Omer Said
Grip Racing.png

Manolis Sigoulakis was the most consistent point finisher last season together with Engberink both scoring points in 15 out of the 16 races. Not a bad comeback season you'd say for the former champ. This resulted in a strong/solid sixth place in the wdc. Omer Said had a tough season with his highlight finishing ninth in the Netherlands. He'll be looking to finish in the points more often this season.

Mars-Tech Racing
11 TBC
12 Andy Graham

Last season's Manor #1 Driver Milos Ancevski decided he hasn't had enough and signed for a two season long contract at Tiger-Tech. He had a very solid mid-season grabbing the win at the temple of speed. 4 podiums saw him ending up fourth in the wdc. Andy Graham joins him as his teammate being the best rookie last season. 3 podiums over the entire season saw him end up in 7th place. Ancevski left the team mid-season after terrible performances from his teammate!

Mobil1 Mars Racing
13 Takuma Ishikawa
14 Harry Costello
Tiger-Tech Motorsport.png

This team was rebranded from the Mobil1 Mercedes team, now that both Andy Black and Andrea Dovizioso have retired, Andy Graham took his chance and made his second team. Drivers haven't done such a great job last season, though boss Graham has high hopes for his second team to end up somewhere in the midfield. They've been given last years car due to a lack of finances. Hopefully for them this will only be a placeholder.

Mercedes GP
15 Donald Brugman
16 Takahiro Yamaguchi
Mercedes 2014.png

Donald Brugman joins this season with high hopes. Therefore he joins the mighty team that is Mercedes. Takahiro Yamaguchi joins him being a rookie himself as well. The team itself has high hopes though, hoping to finish in the top 7 of the wcc.

17 Old Wolf
18 Sasha Jednak

After a disastrous season, Old Wolf decided to leave Mclaren - Honda and join the team of Eddie Jordan. He made a wise decision on this. It's difficult to say what to expect from this car. Guess we only have to wait and see. Sasha Jednak joins Old Wolf as he will be looking to score some solid points this season.

No-name team
19 Milos Ancevski
20 Mark Lintner

This team was made come the end of the season after Ancevski left Graham for good. He called a mate, Mark Lintner, and asked to drive together, which he did. Now with 4 races left to go, will Mark Lintner do well in his debutraces?

Canon-Tech Racing
21 Andy Black
22 Jack Laskey

Andy Black rejoined the series with 3 races to go and got a teammate by the name of Jack Laskey. Laskey the debutant will pick up some experience before doing a proper full season next season possibly. Andy Black will be hoping to regain his form after almost a season without.
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