Race #9, Valencia: Post Race Discussion

Hmmmm what can i say terible quali not even close on my pb. P18 at the end.

Start was great from P18 to P10 after 1 lap. But then it happend Tiedy i have realy no idea what he was thinking there but it wasnt good at all. I guess and hope he get a big penalty fore that. But my race is still over and nothing can change that.
quali i knew i was going to be slow here useless track.

race got up alongside the 2 cars ahead of me left me n room got stuck on the kurbing. then few laps in someone tried to overtake me as he did he made me hit wall as he came infront of me. Then got to the pits tried to carry on car was undriveable so quit for safety
Qually was very disappointing, because in my last lap I was -0.3 on my own time already in sector 2 and then Alberto de Juan was blocking me like a hell, Im not sure if he was on a fast lap, but that didnt look like.

Start: Mijahilo Vicentijevic was braking very very very late and hit Sami Pesari from behind, who then hits my car and my rearwing was broken, also suspension.... I tried to drive into pits safely and needed to cut one corner, because if I would've tried to take it normally my car would have spun there - so I received a Stop/go for cut the corner.

Unfortunately I got a Stop/go and my Pit was doing the Stop/go instead of the repair.... even if the Pits was ready.... stupid to be taken out of race from that Stop/go which wasnt even necessary!!! I didnt make another lap around with broken RW because it would've been to unsafe......
I'm not someone who yells for banns or anything, but today 3 out of 4 of our cars crashed at the start by others, with Teidy being the absolute winner in ending someone's race. Very dissapointed, mostly for my drivers who spent 2 weeks of testing and had a good pace for podium. Well it is always sad if a race is ended too soon.

Our apologies to Melim who had a touch from Pesari. Hope you will still win.
Quali: Got pole with a good lap ahead of my Team Mate

Race; Got an okay start, let Ivan trough due to standings, and then some guys used the rear of my car to brake as they dont have brakes, which gave me some bad suspension damage, car was turning on it's own due to it. And then i shouldve had the position back wich didnt happen, tried to pass somebody after pushing me and givin me damage, but I never intended for the crash to happen at all, but as i was going to get my position back i made the touch spun Aji and he retired, and then I was not thinking when I rejoined the track,as i was out of my mind wondering what goes trough somebodies mind to pass u pushing u.

 AM VERY sorry for the guys who crashed into me in s3, 100% my fault, really sorry..... and sorry for my team as we was on for a good result, even if I was carrying damage before the crash in S3

I have to take full responsability for the crash in s3 and the cars that got dnf as it was my fault and im sure i deserve a heavy penalty as i raced as if i was in destruction derby!!And it made the broadcast look stupid wich is totally my fault!

And for those who didnt see what happened watch replay and take your conclusions
Im not happy at all!
I was driving great managing my race to perfection then the server disconnected me and about 5 others!

My conection never dropped! so how this is fair i will never know!
Woulda been my best position in race of the season and very intelligent race from me to be ruined by stupid server issues!

What would be fair is to take the results from about 6 laps back! before the massive dnf's
I just got to say that race was very poor. I really hope the drivers can clean up their act when driving especially in the first laps. It's not good for the broadcast obviously. Although the Roaldo had good speeds we had very bad luck to all our drivers. Ben did great and had a fantastic battle with Martin very unfortunate with the connection lose and also for Melim and the other drivers, very unlucky to all those guys.

I just hope some of the drivers here can really take in consideration how some of the driving can be cleaner and more smarter.
Still cant believe i throw away 2nd place here. In the first part of the race i got smashed in the rear and got stuck on a curb loosing lots of places and a extra pitstop. After that it all came down to chasing and with some good strategie i managed to get into p5 or something. Then in the final laps i had Martin in front of me and i was determined to catch him wich i did, then in the final laps i only realized i was in 2nd place but at the same times my tyres where gone on the rear so it was a bit like ice skating around the track. THen on exit at the bridge i had some wheelspin on the curbs and i swing the car into the wall. Luckily this was on the final lap so im still clasified 5th but at the same time its verry disapointing seeing how this race went if it wasn't for the incident in the first laps i could have won here.
I agree Ben, this is totally unacceptable, the League Administration does absolutely nothing to ensure a stable running server...

The opposite is the case. In Montreal we had two Livetimings installed, now just one left, but it was never tested before and from the 2008 experience we know that Livetimings often cause problem. This was fixed by using the SLS Liveview, which maybe wasn´t shiny enough anymore...

I hope the admins finally wake up now and put a stable running server as highest priority.
Qualifying: didnt test this one cause its very good overtaking track but about 3-4tenths off pb so 14
Race: at start i have no idea why but guys infront of me slowed into turn 1 lost front wing then broke as early as i tought its possible without someone hitting me into ass well i was so wrong someone did hit me very hard and i heard that i actually flew into my team mate witch forced me to drive 1 lap without any wings after that my race pace was gone and day went from bad to worse when melim had just lapped me and had some issues with 2 guys i went between these 2 guys and started to brake at 100M but i think i missed braking or something and ran into Pedro(Sorry!) sure i had all suspension parts on yellow and my brakes didnt feel good in any part of race but that was 100% my fault and cant back up it....
what a messy race i must say
Too bad Mark, you were doing good! At least nice to see you back on top. Unfortunately all what happend is part of simracing, not sure if the results need to be altered, I think not...but that ain't my call.
Thanks Roald, yeah results are correct, everyone behind me was already lapped and since it was the final lap i guess i was lucky here to only loose 3 places.
I agree Ben, this is totally unacceptable, the League Administration does absolutely nothing to ensure a stable running server...

The opposite is the case. In Montreal we had two Livetimings installed, now just one left, but it was never tested before and from the 2008 experience we know that Livetimings often cause problem. This was fixed by using the SLS Liveview, which maybe wasn´t shiny enough anymore...

I hope the admins finally wake up now and put a stable running server as highest priority.
I take back my post, bad luck for the server issues.

Congrats to Ivan, well deserved victory
Absolutely one of the best races of my life!

Qualifying: Did a decent time and the session went relatively smoothly. I was however surprised to be on the front row! I didn't expect my time to get me so far up. It was a nice 1-2 for DHR.

Race: Good start and I was able to keep second place. My teammate did a nice job at letting me through on the first lap. At this point I started pushing as hard as I can to open up a gap. A few laps into the race I saw the incident with Teidy and Lawal, but I kept on driving hard. Melim soon caught up with me, and I could only hold him up for 2-3 laps. Later on in the race, he had an incident with backmarkers, and this gave the lead yet again. He repassed me, but I was able to keep the gap to 1 second. We both decided to pit on lap 19, and then we had an incident. He completely missed his braking point and went out of the track. I proceeded to the pitlane as normal and he rejoined right into the side of me. We collided, and I suffered suspension damage and a 9 second pitstop. It was a huge shame because I think I had the pace in the second stint to fight with him for the win, but the damage and lost time in the pit stops turned out to be too much. I closed down the gap by 2 seconds in a handful of laps. I stopped pushing after that, seeing as there is no point anymore. A couple laps before the end, Melim along with a few other guys disconnect, which promotes me back into the lead. I could not believe what I was seeing, but I crossed the line to take my FIRST WIN!!!!!!!!!!

Absolutely incredible job by the team, we did some hard work and were able to close down the gap to Precision. Even without the disconnection, I am fairly confident that without the pit stop incident I still could have fought with Melim for the win. Nevertheless, I am extremely happy because I thought this day would never come. I looked at the race results, and I can see four disconnections from the server. I really hope the results stay, because this is my first win! This is just the kind of result I needed to give me motivation for the rest of the season. Now I am really looking to Silverstone!
they will count, 4 discos and few crashes aint that much, just suck it up, you wont win every race.
Would like too see your leading the race and getting disco 3 laps till end of the race and then ppl doing nothing about it, and that way of saying things in my point of view is just not professional :S

Now my race comment, not a good quali but as been like this all year so no worrys. At race did what i had to do even losing 2 positions in 1st corner i knew i could win. After my teamate aji suffering and incident with Fabricion i was promoted to 2nd place, from that moment on was just pushing till i passed Ivan. After that managing engine and gap until pesari forgot to brake and crashed on my rear giving me alot of damage and making me spin losing 1st place. Even with damage was able to pass ivan to regain 1st place. On going pits braking went bad with such damage, missed pit entry and on going on it not seing ivan i made contact with him wich i apologize already. After pits i manage the gap and the engine until 3 laps to end of the race i got disconnected together with Ben Philips, Mihajlo Vicentijevic and Elia Costa that was caused by a server problem wich is still unknown till the moment by me and probably the rest of the drivers that got the disconnection.
Just hope that for the rest of the year this doesnt happen cause 2 weeks of testing and in the end getting disco from a server problem isnt fair, be it for me or any other driver in FSR.
to be very honest Pedro i watched that replay of your incident with me and i wouldnt blame myself 100% from it first of all before that corner in stragiht you got blocked pretty hard by del piccolo and that caused you have slow tops at braking point 6th gear or so and you still broke at 100m and since i was doing 310 or something and broke on very same 100m it was pretty easy to predict hit but i always braked at that same spot where i broke to hit you so sorry for misjudge of your speed but its unfair to blame it all on me
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