Race #09, Europe: Post-Race Discussion

Bad race for us at DHR. We had the pace to challenge the top three here, but got very unlucky with some bad incidents. We will be back up there for Silverstone though, where hopefully things will run much cleaner.
I have had very little motivation for the last races after Monaco, and today I have had enough of rFactor, so good luck the rest of the season guys.
Qualifying : Really badly messed up here, was a terrible session for me and non of my runs were anywhere close to being good. Still got 9th and was utterly dissapointed.

Race : Got off the line well, made up two places. Then into the bridge area there was a crash ahead, and eventhough I broke early I was unable to avoid them and also lost my front wing. Then trying to get back to the pits was quite difficult because of many going slow. Especially on the huge second straight, as Stahre and Eular were in a battle, but I held up Eular. [Sorry]
After leaving the pits with Jack and Stahre, I was like in 17th or something. Tried to get a go at Jack into Turn 12, but it didn't work out.
After Jack retired I was able to keep up with Stahre..And decided it would be better to let him drive and just follow him. As we were going at a quick speed [Very similar to the leaders. Just a few tenths off] And on lap 16 in turn 1 there was a car in the middle of the road and was unable to avoid him. So lost my second front wing.
Came out of the pits just behind Clayton. Nick came out infront of us a few laps later, Clayton after a while passed him. Then after a few laps of battling I was able to stay infront. Quickly closed down Clayton and passed him into T1. Pulled away and now I was like 12th. Pitted on lap 37 and came out in 11th. Tried to catch up the TMo driver in front but he was just similar pace, so I gave up.
With like 8 laps left I hit a front-wing...And would have finished 11th, but firstly benifitted from Florian without a front wing, and then Eular who blew his engine on the last lap.
Came home 9th..Considering the 2 front-wing losses I had..could have been quite a bit worse. But for sure was hoping for more here.
Q: disconnected from the server so i missed out on qualifying so i had to start last

R: Got off the line and infront was about 4 or 5 cars who hit someone who didn't move off the grid, unfortunately i had no-where to go and lost my front wing. Got back out of the pits in about 20th. I had a desent pace despite my damage and was able to pass cars and i had 2 good battles with Patel which i past him and later on he caught me when my tyres were shot so he passed me with ease. By then in the last stint i was was 13th and then 12th when Cordes pitted. I was doing the same times or maybe 0.1 or 0.2 faster than Patel but it was too even and i couldn't catch him because we were doing the same times, with 5 or 6 laps to go i had Yakimenko catch me and we had an awesome battle all the way untill the last lap. He passed me on the last lap when i had smoke coming out of the back of the car and i gave in so i let him pass so i could finish. In the end 11th almost had 10th but could of been better if i had qualified and not had to of pit on lap 1. But overall was very fun.
Who ever it was I hit in the braking zone. I think it was Conti. I am really sorry. I completely locked the rear brake and couldn't stop it going sideways.

I do apolagise Marco. It was a complete balls up. I don't think I caused a great deal of damage I saw you went a bit later on?
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