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Race 07 has stopped working

Recently my race 07 has stopped launching. When I try to start it the game loads for a second and then gives me the message "Race 07 has stopped working." I redownloaded the game but it hasn't helped. Does anyone have any ideas


Ävver et Hätz bliev he in Kölle
As you've already redownloaded everything, I'd suggest trying these two possible solutions next :)

Also, you might wanna try to delete (backup first!) your profile located in /Users/<Username>/Documents/SimBin/Race07 - maybe something's broken in there.

Another usual culprit would be the visual settings - navigate to R07's folder (<steam directory>/steamapps/common/race07) and launch the Config.exe file with administrative rights. Set up everything, save, and try starting the game again.

While this might seem far-fetched, I've seen those settings break R07 with something as simple as a graphic card driver update ;)