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Race 07 Car Logos

Misc Race 07 Car Logos 201912

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abrimaal submitted a new resource:

Race 07 Car Logos - New and updated car brand logos

New and updated car brand logos.
Arrinera (new)
Bentley (updated)
FIAT (new)
FSO (new)
Isuzu (new)
Jaguar (updated)
Jeep (new)
Lancia (new)
Land Rover (new)
Mitsubishi (new)
Range Rover (new)
SAAB (updated)
SIMCA (new)
Suzuki (updated)
Tatra (new)
Trabant (new)

Put them into UiData\Menu\Textures
If file exists, decide which one to use.

Backgrounds are transparent.
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