Race #06, Spain: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Mikko Puumalainen, Jun 5, 2011.

  1. Mikko Puumalainen

    Mikko Puumalainen

    Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.
  2. Martin Gosbee

    Martin Gosbee

    From GPOCs -
    Knew I didnt have the pace for any points at all in WC, Just took place for Lukas Euler, My race only lasted 10 laps but from then I started 19th and got up to 17th, After some battles with Mikkonen (Some harsh blocks) Sorry about that, We both came down to T1 side by side and I didnt leave enough room for both of us and I hit the side of Mikkonen - spun then had no time to put in clutch. Sorry for the incident Jaakko, I hope there is no penalty and thanks for the opportunity to race in WC
    Also for Simon Adebisi, I had some good battles in the opening lap with Mikkonen and an outside pass on Marconi at T3.
  3. EnyNX


    "Well, the key word for my race is tyres! I don't know why and will need to understand why is that. As for the rest, I need to say sorry to Saxen: didn't really see you arriving, so sorry.....was in big crysis with tyres. Also to Werduller, whom I gave position back.
    I had to pit again around lap 50, again 'cause of tyres. After that was behind Morand and much faster. We had a contact and all I want to say is that I feel no guilty at all: admin will receive all explanations if needed."
  4. Jim Parisis

    Jim Parisis

    "Q: I didn't have a single hot lap before the session begins. My time was good after all and I was happy with it.

    R: In T1 I had a collision with Saxen and my front left suspension got damage. As a result the car was unstable for the rest of the race. I was on P12 at the end of the first lap but I knew I couldn't keep this position. Made a quite race finishing in 15th place. From now on I will have more free time to practise with my team so I expect better results for the rest of the season. Well done to Bono for an other great drive and congrats to Patrick De Witt for his great appearance!"
  5. Marco Conti

    Marco Conti

    "good race for me, first time in wc this season, i can stay with the group easy but after the pit when i was in slip on mikkonen i make a mistake and spinn off. "
  6. Atze Kerkhof

    Atze Kerkhof

  7. Fredrik Nilsson

    Fredrik Nilsson


  8. Mikko Puumalainen

    Mikko Puumalainen

    From GPCOS:

  9. patrick de wit

    patrick de wit

    Finally the FTS Car found some speed thanx to team effort!!!
    Well q1 went ok although i had some traffic in 2nd hotlap and did not improve anymore but my time was good enough for q2:)
    Then for the 1st time this year FTS and De Wit were in q2 which was all new to me:)
    But i had a fantastic lap which placed me in 3rd spot made a slight mistake in sector 3 could have been 2nd but 3rd was a victory for me anyway!!!!!!!!!!!after seeing my recent q performances....
    Then the start was pretty ok nearly overtaking Nilson and Huis but they defended well
    Then i was trying to stay with them but they were too fast today in race need to figure out why...
    Then it was a matter of keeping Kerkhof behind which i tried hard and kept hem at bay for around 24 laps then he passed me finally and same lap he made mistake and inheritered 3rd again then after the 1st pitstop he leapfrogged me for 3rd.
    Then Disley was closing in he tried to pass as well which he did not succeed in
    After the 1st pitstop i noticed i had mediums for some bizar reason so had to come in again otherwise i had for sure a 4th place!!
    In the end passing room,Disley,Patel and Greco
    In the end p6 it was a great day for FTS!!! enjoyed it very very much

    To Simon Abedesi for WC highlights
    start lap 1:
    De Wit good start nearly taking the lead but huis and nilson defend well
    lap 1 turn 4+5 de wit tries to overtake huis for 2nd
    lap 12;
    Kerkhof tries to pass de wit for 3rd touching de wit de wit saves the car keeping 3rd place
    lap 22: Kerkhof passes de wit de wit defends agressive, lap 22 kerkhof makes mistake after de wit pressures him
    de wit pits after kerkhof pits
    Kerkhof passes de wit after pitstop
    lap 43:
    Disley tries to overtake de wit
    de wit defends agreesive
    lap 45:
    disley tries to pass de wit again fails in proces puumalainen passes disley
    lap 55:
    de wit pits for 2nd time due to tyre bugg after the warm up session
    lap 60:
    de wit passes raino room for 9th place,great overtakecoming from far very agressive
    lap 63:
    de wit passes patel for 8th place
    lap 64:
    de wit passes disley for 7th
    lap 66:
    de wit passes Greco for 6th and setting the fastest lap de wit 1 17 1
  10. LiamJenkinsF1


    glad you enjoyed it patrick it was a joy to commentate on and see you right up in the mix :p
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