Race #02, Malaysia: Post-Race Discussion

good drive ville strange wen you kiked,I thinkinh your wheel dead but last you move wheel I understand something wrong with your wind. anyway good drive:)
I must be the noobest guy in the world, 3 spins, 30 sec overall lost plus the time I lost because stupid extra wear....

I feel so sorry for my team a better spot could be gained today
What a race. I have choosen the wrong strategy... but that's a win

Q1 : good lap
Q2 : P1 but with a epic freeze in S2 and S3... 0.5s off my pace.

Race : got a amazing start in the non rubbered track... LOL
I started to 2 stop strategy but seems a error, i could kill all the suspense in the first stint being 1s faster but i have to keep the medium tyres fresh to 17 laps.
I thought win was in the bag after 30 laps but bono find a rocket for the 26 last laps and had to push to the limit the car in last stint despite the car behavior was really bad and sliding everywhere.

See you next time !
Well, a small step forward. We still have to do a perfect weekend to score, but atleast now it’s possible.

Q1: 34.6, far to 34.1 PB, but its ok, Q2 was so hard =).

R: I started good and I can overtake a few places. However, in turn 9, I tried let space to car who tried overtake me, but I touched Blair slightly and I loose flap of my wing. two corners later I had another touch with Venus, sorry mate.

Even with this my pace was acceptable. However, I loose control a few laps later and I did a half-spin, I loose many seconds, places and my tires.

Later I had a interesting fight with Gosbee on the distance, but I did a new fail with hard compound in 3 stint, so nothing to do. I tried it in last laps, but I haven't tires enough too.

So its ok, I think we can improve still 3-4 tenths and I hope we take another step forward in the next race. Grats Morand, superb, Bono, closer to leader, and also “new” guys, great job both.

Well it was my first one, with little practise i had becose i had that Iracing WCS race same weekend, and i also had new build there so old setups were rubbish :D

Quali was just so much suprise to me, i where like :O when i saw that i will get in to the Q2

Q2: Did same lap time what i have done in early and i where suprised that it was enough for p2.


Start was pretty good and kept my position, After couple laps Bono tried to pass but maybe he lost his rear or something in the exit i felt little bumb in the exit of turn 2.

After that stint was pretty good but,,, Then lap 13 i made big mistake and lost there too much time to fight for better postitions.

Also failed my pitstop and got some collision there also, that was my fault. Sry to guy who where involved there.

After that second stint was better, found a rythm and kept driving clean.

At second stop i lost 15 second becose damage repair... I didnt know that rfactor will take it automaticly so lost there much time.

pit 3 was better and got pretty short last stint. Got couple overtakes and where aiming to p6. Lost my brakes in the final lap and tried to avoid car in front and hitted him. Really sry for that. After all this it was really fun to drive here and racing here is really clean and professional. Let see if i race in the future but still my aims are in the iracing.. This year :D let see what happens in the 2015. huge thanks to my team mate Dian for helping me and giving me opportunity try this series for this one :D

Grats to podium and Morand for awesome race!
Very very bad race from my point of view.

Q2 - did few big mistakes and missed 4th-5th possible place.

Race - race start was good, didn't expect that good start, because I used 1st gear but managed to win 2 positions. That first stint with medium I had to do 12 laps before I pit, but those tires were very bad, every brake point I missed it or lock up, everything was against me. Did few mistakes and was overtaken by 3 drivers. After 1st stop right after pitlane at braking for T1 I was hitted from Paolini and got damage. After that tried to push with hards but again did mistake and lost 10 sec and few places. When I dive in the pits for 2nd time to put mediums I did good stint and for last stint also with mediums. Made another spun which cost me 9th place after problems Aleksi and Patrick. Finnished on unsatisfied 11th position, very bad weekend where we showed pace in practice, but I don't know what went wrong during first 2 stints.

First I want to thank to Aleksi that he accepted my request to join in the team and for the increadible race, if he had more practice with this mod he could fight for the win. Congratulations and to the winner Morgan Morand, great race mate :)

For China (I guess this will be the track) I don't have any expectations this time, maybe the luck will come to me. Cya
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Q1 - Ermm didn't have time for a lap. meant I had 2nd to last position.

Race - Race start was good made up some 3 places and a couple of more which was nice starting on the prime and tried to get into a rhythm and I wasn;t so far behind the points so I decided to pit a bit more early than planned. Entering my box Uusi-Jaakkola made contact with me and it caused me a 18 second stop after I had reversed into my box. Leaving the pits with damage I wore the tires quicker and went for a 20 lap stint on Hards at the end and I had a major cliff in last laps and lost out to Disley.

A bad weekend and I hope I will be back in top 10 for China.
Q1: pb time again :D
Q2: was going fine until the white line decided to annoy me. Lost half a second there.

That pretty much made my race difficult aswel.
Dian had better start then me so I lost 2 places in t1\t2.
Then it was very good for me until right before my second stop where I stayed out 1 or 2 laps to long. That put me behind Carlos who I wanted to pass but spun in the fast section of s3, luckily my engine survived. My tire though where pretty much destroyed with that spin. Some laps later I had an of track moment in s2 at the double right hander. Both incidents cost me some 12 seconds + the destroyed tires. In the end I managed to do a good last stint. Carlos spun which gave me 1 position. Then I managed to pass Paris is on the outside of t1, was pretty nice. Got Jack aswel with drs, and Patrick dnf't. Then I had to keep Aleksi behind for p6, and I was very lucky to even finish after his brakes failed and we collided. Good result after a bad race for me so I'm happy with 6th.
And being comfortable in p3 in the championship atm does me good! But I hope to fight for the top spots again next race.

Take care...
Q-could not get the max out of my possibilities and judging from what others did I surely would have been able to start about 5 to 7 positions higher.

R-Got a clean start made up some places as well as I found myself back from 23 to 16th halfway the first lap, then later in the 1st lap I also lost a few places again. One was against Gosbee, he under steered slightly into me no biggy, but when I was about to make my first stop I found out that I collected damage which came from this contact as it was the only encounter I had in this race. I didn't noticed it in the hud and was not aware of the damage which resulted in a 20 sec repair damage penalty, otherwise I would have not repaired. But I was so gutted and angry that this happened that I called it quit. In the process I accidently crossed the exit line due this, gonna be interesting to see how Edu will handle this. I feel what's coming.:D

Ville made an incredible Q this time well done and Grats to podium finishers.
Q: As in Bahrain Q2 was definitely not out of reach but I only managed P12 due to mistakes

R: I knew that I had pace to be in top 5, but getting up there was always going to be tough with the massive dirty air in fast corners.
I stayed in P12 after the start and throughout my 1st stint on hard tires just cruising around behind my teammates, trying to get the worse set of tires out of the way. After the first pit stop I came out behind the 2 GhostSpeed's which weren't too much trouble thanks to DRS. After that I started catching the big group of cars that were fighting for P4. By the end of the 2nd stint I was only 2 seconds behind Rob and decided to pit early. By doing so I managed to leapfrog him and quickly catch up to Patrick, Jack and Petar. Again I pitted earlier than I could have to leapfrog the cars ahead of me and it worked out nicely, I came out of pits just next to Jack, but managed to get him. Patrick and Petar pitted a few laps later and started hunting me down at the end but fortunately I could just about manage the tires till the end.
Great race, very happy with 4th.
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It has been almost 6 months I believe since my last race, so I was rusty. It's amazing to see the big step FSR has made with rF2 so I was more than happy to try this race.

Q1: Good enough
Q2: Some good parts, some part I drove way too cautious. Simply lost 0.3 sec.

R: Didn't know my first gear was so bad. Quite a shame as I only used it for the start :thumbsup: The car was struggling to get on speed and people flew by like I was Mark Webber. From lap 1 I was stuck and I knew that my setup wasn't optimal to be stuck in traffic. Even by following I killed my tires early and in the first pitstop I made the mistake to go on mediums while Bono was on hards in front of me. Being almost a second per lap quicker on those tires I didn't had a chance to overtake him with our low top speeds.

So I followed Bono, went in early because I was losing way too much time and leapfrogged Bono. The new set I had to save during the stint and there was no stopping Bono who closed in with much fresher mediums after a while. With DRS I was a sitting duck. Lucky I secured 3rd place by that time and I knew that with hards in the last stint there was no point pushing much harder and risk the tire strategy.

3rd place is good. But the start and bad strategy destroyed a much better result. Hopefully I can race some more this year!! Enjoyed it a lot.

Thank you everybody for the support. Special thanks to Avid Chronic Racing for giving me the WC spot and to the Twister-Racing boys for the setup work. FSR has the potential to grow huge with rF2. Please make it happen :)

edit: CONGRATS to Morgan and Bono of course! As always, great racing.
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Q1: S1 was almost perfect (24.616) but failed 2 tenths sector 2 and 3 more sector 3, despite the lap was bad it was the expected position.

Race: I started with Hard compound with a clear idea to follow, I wanted to save tires and be conservative cause I knew that with just finishing the race we could get some points.

Stint 1 and 2 were really good with hard and meds respectively, problems came in stint 3, always in same corner and same situation. In last corner I spin twice (Stint 3 and stint 4) which cost me valueable time (15 sec) but whats worst, I lost all tires (In first spin from 68% to 48% with 6 laps to pit and in second with 80% to 53% in rear tires with about 8 laps to go). After both spins I had to do miracles to save tires, shame cause I was just 4 sec far from Kalamees with a very good stretegy, don't know what could happen if I wouldn't spin :(

In last lap with just 22% of rear tires I spun losing 15 sec and the ninth place.

I have to thank my team for giving me this chance, I had really good fun with Eventa and NX, now I will focus in Ace Series but surely you will see me in some random GP :D

Very proud to scoring points, more than I personally expected.

Cya in Shangai :cool:

Jim Parisis

Q1: P3 > Satisfied

Q2: P6 > Not satisfied :D

Race: P8 > Start was ok, I had De Wit on the inside trying to make his move before T1 and then someone hitted my left side trying to make T1, but thankfully everyone got around T1 safe. On lap 5, I had De Wit going for the inside in last corner while he was 2-3 cars behind me. I managed to avoid the accident there, but that made me angry cause that wasn't racing. I thought he would let me pass after making the corner but no. So I did the same to him in T1, to show my feelings at that moment, knowing that i was going to go wide. Anyway, my tire wear was good for the first stint, so I decided to go longer than planned and to go on hards. But on lap 20, on the fast chicane, I went on neutral somehow, car ofc spun, I nearly hitted the wall, tires were ruined. I decided to go on 1 stop less than it was planned cause of this incident. I had to defend my position but I couldn't do much cause of the low topspeed. On the last 10-15 laps I was able to put some pressure on Jack for P7 but again, low topspeed.

Much time lost cause of battling, like many other drivers I guess.
So, getting 8th in the end was ok but I am unhappy again.
Better job next race.
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