Quite frustrating bug in PS4 version (atleast)


May 5, 2014
So yeah, I didn't expect anything else from codies than totally failing... lol... Anyway I bought the game on my PS4 since my bro did. First impression was OMG and net was Oh I'm driving this thing. The game is absolute beast and this isn't fanboyism, no not at all. Handling is superior and the car setups have their own part in race + there quite cool new features how to adjust your car. The game is great but there's been found many bugs and codies are fixing them, which is good.

Anyway it's seems to happen quite often, like 4/ 5 races in private mode multiplaying sessions. First it seemed to happen only when doing full weekend, but the it happened in just race mode too.

1. So there is two players in private game session, when we started the race we we're both leading the race in both "own" games and the other in that "own" game did fall behind, it feeled like it stopped driving (the player has pressed options or something). Is this legit? One race driven in two dimensions?

2. Other bug was when chaning car after race, when you came back to game room. The driver that you was controlling example Vettel in our case and Hamilton and Rosberg... and so on we're turning their flags into Finland.

3. Sometimes the shadows disappear and appear for some reason. Althought I don't care that much, maybe over use of CPU or something?

4. Some reason I can't say "Vehicle Condition" properly. There should be second command there too like "car status" etc. Or I could just learn how to speak proberly. Either way.3

There was fifth thing but I forget it... lol back to playing this awsome game.
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