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Questions / undocumented stuff

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Lawndart, May 7, 2015.

  1. Lawndart


    Will WMD open up to end users or have a new section for the public? It seems to indicate you should have a wmd user name in the career nickname. And I'm sure all my answers can be found there...

    Is there an explination for all the configuration options like force feedback?

    Triple screen does a great job of auto detecting 3 screens and seems to render each non stretched, but how do you correct for bezels?

    DK2 auto detects but where can you find information on the latest versions to set it up optimally? It's very judery but very smooth on triple screens.

    What are the most demanding visual options? If I want to bump up to 45 cars and need to compromise, where should I start? Shadows? AA?

    How do you force the clutch to work? I've enabled it, but I don't seem to need it when shifting. And if I spin hard enough why doesn't it keep the motor from stalling?

    Any sweet FX settings out there to balance the colors against the Suns contrast for a more realistic look? Simular to digiposts videos?

    Sorry some of these might seem simple but with so many people testing and playing this over the years but no access to wmd to get my own answers, there seems to be little information and chat outside of wmd.
  2. Kyle Pearson

    Kyle Pearson

    New forum just opened

    pCARS doesn't support individually rendering triple screens (yet).

    DK2 is still early in development, so give it some time.

    Environment Mapping
    Reflection Mapping
    Motion Blur
    Detailed Grass

    So cars don't require the clutch to shift (as per real life). The clutch just makes the transmission last longer and the shifting smoother. The older cars definitely will.
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  3. Lawndart


    Very helpful, thank you!
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