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Questions Setting up Championships in Content Manager

Hey there...

I am using Content Mgr for Assetto Corsa, and am JUST now learning how to sim race and how to use content mgr.

I am wanting to setup the 1967 Grand Prix season, using the Grand Prix Legends 2 mod, and also have downloaded all the 60s tracks for it.

I was able to setup the season, with the races in the right order, using the correct 60s tracks, adjusting how many cars in it, how many laps, weather, etc, but i had the following issues with it:

1) I didn't know how to choose my own car in the championship, and the system left the Arbath 500 (lol) in the grid for my own car, and now i can't figure out how to change/edit it.

2) I created the 67 GP championship with all the tracks and with all the cars, and the system assigned the right drivers to numerous cars (Gurney is driving an Eagle, etc), but once created, i can NOT modify the 67 championship at all. Now, i can ONLY choose the 67 GP championship and it is not allowing me to A) edit the 67 championship or B) to create a different championship (the original screen that allowed you to create a championship now just has a 'No Preview' button that takes me right back to the 67 championship i created and it doesn't allow me to create a different championship anymore.

3) I want to be able to create other championship seasons, and also to be able to edit the championship seasons i create in order to assign particular drivers to particular cars, modify each drivers AI setting individually if possible (i.e. assign Clark to a Lotus and give him a better AI rating than some of the other drivers).

Mainly, the problem is that I can't figure out now how to create any other championships seasons after having created the 67 GP championship, nor can i modify the 67 GP championship i created in any way. Definitely do not want to drive an Arbath 500 in the 67 season ;)

To be clear, in Content Mgr, If i click on the 'Championships' tab, i get a 'No Preview' button that takes me right back to the 1967 GP season. If i click on the '1967 Grand Prix Season' tab, it shows me the currently setup 1967 season with all the tracks and cars, but it won't let me edit it at all (i.e. can't change any of the cars, including my own, nor edit the drivers assigned to any of the car, nor edit any of the tracks, etc).

What am i missing?

Still can't figure this out. What is going on in that i can't any longer create a new championship series in Content Mgr, nor can i edit the one championship season i made at all. Literally nothing i click on allows me to edit or create another championship season.