Question: What's the function of this handle? (Solved)

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    EDIT: NVM something was wonky with my driver and now it shows that this thing controls throttle... Just ignore this thread

    I just purchased a Logitech joystick to use it as a handbrake. Upon receiving the joystick, I notice there is this handle thing the back of the stick marked "+" and "-". There is a hex screw inside. If I turn the handle, the screw won't move. If I use a 3mm hex wrench to rotate the screw, the handle rotates with it. I'm wondering if this is normal? This this joystick defective? What's the function of this "+""-" handle?

    I don't know where I should ask this question so I guess I'll post it here since I think quite a few people are also using this model of joystick as a handbrake.

    Thanks in advance. Link to Amazon product page is:

    EDIT: Oops forgot to post pictures:
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