Question: Tire Temps & Camber

Nov 18, 2012
I have a question related to tire temperature, pressure and camber settings.

I'm driving the FSR Formula ISI car at Montreal (just to get to know the car) and while I was looking at my telemetry I noticed the following on my tire temperature page

  • Blue = outside temperature
  • Yellow= center temperature
  • Red = inside temperature
I am not a setup genie but I am willing to learn so that's why I'm here in this forum section requesting some help ;)
From what I understand about tire temps they should differ 5 to 7°C from the inside of the tire to the outside, inside being the hottest. Looking at that data, I see two things, both front and rear tires have too much camber and the rears have too much pressure as well. Now I have reduced the camber on all 4 tires but I still get the same thing. A whopping 30°C difference between the outside of the tire and the inside. I have no idea what to do about it.
Any suggestions?

David O'Reilly

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Mar 15, 2011
This is normal on this car.
1)The deviation can often hit 30 deg
2) Yes normally in theory you chase a middle temp that's the average of the inner and outer but at this point the tyre contact patch is not finalised and that WONT work. If you chase the numbers you will get a really low camber that wont work at all. The middle temp will be close to outer (edit-I mean inner -hotter temp) when its correct. So I advise you to go with what functionally works best (best turn -in for front or best grip for rear) this will give you lowest temp and best wear.
3) The motec can also read the core (one innermost temp per tyre) and rubber temps (3 temps in say middle of rubber). Set this up, it will give you more gradual info and less of the wild deviations of surface temp (which are still handy of course to show you where you have too much sliding). So you will have 7 tyre temps.
4) The middle temps will read a bit high at present.

I think I run at Montreal Camber -3.2 / -1.0 and say pressure 122/116. (next time I'm in the sim Ill check.
It kept me within 2 laps of the leaders!
One click either way on rears seems to impact a lot more than 1 click either way on fronts.
Not a bad lap time with 100 litres BTW.
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May 17, 2014
I suggest you try the new DW12 which has the new tire model if you are interested in technical setups. I could reach a good spread of temps for front axle, not for rear (I had to stop due to traveling). If you are interested I posted some considerations in the new DW12 thread in the ISI forum about tire temps.