Question on how to set AC brake pressure: AC control setting or DIview brake settings

I need some advice.
I have a Rimotech load cell on my Thrustmaster T500rs. I have measured the load cell at 60lb to get AC to register 100% brake on. This is too much pressure for my medical condition and it requires a firm left leg stab at it to get it to 100% and to threshold brake my leg/ankle pressure is inconsistent to get 80% but it give good resolution for the trail off taper.

I could do one of 2 things or maybe something else you know about.
1. Set AC control for brake setting to 30% and only have to use about 20lb of force max or
2 Or use DIView but this looks like you get a non linear result and clearly dont get 100% to windows with 30% input movement on the load cell or am I setting it wrong.
Which do you recommend and what is the difference, what are the settings required to
have less force but a linear response?

I did try the Basherboards washer mod and it was about the same pressure with the softest washer and was not as linear.

In both mod cases, with a lower AC setting of 30% I am having some problem create a very fast brake on transition and a smooth trail braking taper off. Thoughts?

Final question: When using these mods should one be wearing racing shoes or tennis shoes vs standard "simRacing socks?

Any advice would be helpful.
just to the final question: I guess whatever feels right for you and your feet :) ..
does it hurt in socks?
do you feel uncomfortable to wear shoes inside? (i do)
do you have less sensitivity in shoes (to influence your driving negatively) ?