purchase rfactor

hey guys,
I just decided to purchase rfactor after playing the demo.
So if im trying to actually purchase it with the launcher, I wont come to the payment section because of
Unavailable: Login required. it appears right after im logging in, dont know how to fix.
Sooo, I downloaded the lite installer and tried again, still the same problem :(
I even can login under the simulate cluster at the online race. dont know whats the problem.
jep, you have to purchase it through the launcher. but it wont work for me somehow.
It fails everytime at the step when I whant to the payment option.
error occurs right after this:

Do you have a screen shot of the error?

If you already have a rF2 account you can contact Tim Wheatly. timw@imagespaceinc.com
He is responsible for sales, marketing and customer support. He can fix your account if necessary.
I think you already have an rF2 account with your e-mail. And you are trying to create a new account, probably with an existing account.

Once you filled in the create account tab, you have an rF2 account. :) If you finished the payment or not, doesn't matter. Your account is created.

Click on the "sign in" tab and continue from there.

If you forgotten your password, send an e-mail to Tim Wheatly. He'll send you a new one, you can change it in the profile tabs, once you are signed in.

Or try an other e-mail address.

Good luck. :thumbsup:

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