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What racing gear do you use while sim racing?

  • Gloves

    Votes: 275 19.5%
  • Boots

    Votes: 61 4.3%
  • Gloves + Boots

    Votes: 139 9.8%
  • None

    Votes: 937 66.4%

Purchase on wrong account

Good evening , I purchased the C class cars yesterday on one of my Steam accounts (inkabodpain68) this account was started by mistake awhile back . Is there a way to transfer that purchase to my second Steam account (inkabodpain) on this account I have all my other purchases that I have made for Raceroom content. When purchasing I thought I was on the (inkabodpain) account and discovered after the purchase I was not. Or can I get a refund thru Steam since I only played with the new content about half hour , and repurchase on the correct account? Thank you for any help that can be provided.
Can I Merge Accounts
Steam accounts can not be merged together.

Per the Steam Subscriber Agreement, Steam game subscriptions / CD keys are nontransferable and cannot be reset / moved between Steam accounts.

So, a refund would be the "road to go" ;)

This doesnt apply here at all.

The RaceRoom store you purchase content from has nothing to do with steam and is completely 3rd party. So you cannot get a refund through steam.

@Angeltheartist, your best bet would be to contact the RaceRoom help desk and explaining the situation, and ask if it is possible to transfer your purchase from the wrong steam account, to the correct one with all of your other content.

This is the official RaceRoom helpdesk link. I would include your name, both steam accounts, date of the transaction, and of course a message explaining the situation.

Understand though that they are under no obligation to actually do this, as this is your error. Support is also only 1 guy, so it could take a while to hear back.

Good luck nevertheless.