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Skins Puma GTE #7 Martini v0,9

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Excellent work, mcoak!

I was already running this number 7 car as it was so it's first choice for me now that you've upgraded it to better reflect the real car.

I had noticed you've edited the .veh slightly so the team name reflects the Martini branding. As an online racer I was worried this might cause a mismatch. Can anyone confirm if that's the case or not?

Either way I can re-install just the skin if needs be. :)

Could you please, please, please upload your other excellent work you shared on No-Grip with us here. The site appears to be no more and I've only got back-ups of your Opala 86 skins.

I'm sure the community would massively appreciate the work you've done to bring authentic liveries to AMS. :)