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PS3 going, hello PC

Nick Milton

Apr 28, 2014
Just ordered my new PC , to go with my g27 and next level rig,

ASUS pro gamer m/ board
I5 4690K
8 gig ram
Nvidea gtx970 4GB
1 GB hard drive
Tower, cougar
Wireless network card
750W gaming PSU
Window7 premium 64 bit.

How's it sound to you guys? Going to add steam version Asseto corsa also.

Sicario Del Toro

Sep 28, 2010
Yeh supplier said exact same, so you think get a SSD just for windows, and install games to HD.?

What size would I need for windows 7?
Yes , you can do that , or what i do is i have 64GB SSD for windows ,and a 240GB is were i install all games and STEAM , if you can afford to get two SSD -- and your 1TG hard drive that's a great start ,
SSD 64GB for windows is fine you can go larger if you like .
SSD 240GB or larger for games , thats all i have mine for .
1 TB Hard Drive ------------------and your sorted .

Install only games on the bigger SSD you get and install windows on small SSD .
Install what ever you like on the 1 TB drive .

With windows on the SSD your system will boot up so much quicker , good luck with build :)

Nick Milton

Apr 28, 2014
Thanks joe, my budget of $1400 went to $1600, but the SSD will have to wait a month or so,
I spent extra on K chip, and a 4gb Nvidea 980,

Got it now, and all ready to go, haven't installed anything yet other than operating system, it's looking good,

Now , Asseto corsa? Steam seems a good deal?

I racing ?

F1 2014, and do a few mod installs?

Also can I ask, my g27 rig, will it plug n play? Or do I need Logitech profiler?

Thanks again

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