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Promoting multiplayer?

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by xnorb, Feb 8, 2016.

  1. xnorb



    i wonder if AMS or codename Reiza17 will get some love when it comes to online racing.

    Time Trial leaderboards, official servers plastered on the main menu for everybody to see when they launch the sim, a rating system (Trackmania has a rather simple one, iRacing a more advanced one), a system that will track your incidents (mainly car contacts, penalties) which could be used to categorize drivers by licenses?

    Offline racing is a big thing, but nobody knows about it except by watching some of Empty Box's videos. Online racing on the other side drives communities, gets content on social media and is the exciting part of simracing.

    I would really want to see AMS or Reiza17 to take a huge step forward when it comes to online racing.
  2. P*Funk


    People are trained by marketing in our culture to want flash over substnace. This is why everyone ejaculates over themselves for PCars and the like and marginalizes games like GSCE because they don't look good so they must be old and not play very well either.

    Reiza17, if it has post processing filters, higher texture quality, lots of extraneous and totally pointless effects, and a lot more branded content in line with euro-centric sports car mania you'll get what you want. If the name Senna enters into this officially though that could be enough. Senna fan boys are the craziest of the lot. It might make online racing through turn 1 impossible....
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