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Project cars and the LE cars

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Msportdan, May 6, 2015.

  1. Msportdan


    Im literally on the verge of preordering this.... but im tinkering whether to get the LE version or the standard. Sorry the cars in the modified pack doesn't interest me however some in the Limited edition will fopr ex the Merc dtm gt40 and the sauber.

    Basically what im saying is, if I don't get the LE will there be any chance to get these cars again in the future via DLC or pack.

  2. Kyle Pearson

    Kyle Pearson

    It's not set in stone, but there was talk about the LE cars being up for DLC at a later date. I will say, I would recommend just getting them now. The Mercedes DTM and BMW M1 Procar both offer some fantastic single make races. I've had some of the most fun with those cars in MP. The Atom Mugen (in the Modified Pack) is another one which is great (it's a little lower power than the normal Atom but has higher peak rpm, stiffer, and is lighter which makes it great to drive).

    The Sauber, while likely not going to have much use online since there isn't anything (yet) to run along side it, is just a blast for offline driving (especially on Le Mans and Road America).
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