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PC3 Project CARS 3 Gameplay Video – 2019 Porsche 935 @ Leipzig Circuit

What's your thoughts?

Slightly Mad Studios published a brand new gameplay preview video of their upcoming Project CARS 3 racing title, showcasing the 2019 Porsche 935 Tribute car doing a lap on the Porsche Leipzig circuit.

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I know you can't fully judge physics and handling models from a video but this actually looks OK. The slide at 0:20 and subsequent correction look quite natural, as does the way the car rides the curbs. Sounds seem to have improved a lot from PC2 as well.

Whilst I'll probably pass on PC3 myself, it could provide a gateway into sim racing to someone coming from the Forza/GT crowd (which is how I think SMS are positioning it).
You can't really say much about handling at the limit of grip when the car spends so much time away from it. Very poor use of the track, poor lifting off of the brakes and a bunch of moments of understeer and oversteer probably caused by the driving. Looks like it shares PC2's handling from that but its hard to know because the car is driven poorly and they keep switching from inside to outside when something odd looks like its happening.