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Problems with the track surface tool

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by thisisaverylongusername, Mar 27, 2009.

  1. thisisaverylongusername


    Hey guys,

    First of all, Thanks to Mr Powell for creating a great app. :hug-right:

    I am having a small issue with the track surface modifier, I am attempting to apply more than one material to a road but I'm not able to select the single sections of road as per the help doc. I have linked to a picture that should hopefully explain my problem, and hopefully you guys will be able to help. Hopefully it's not just me being stupid. :music2:

    To explain what I am trying to achieve: I want to have texture B as the road texture, and A and C as a blend texture between road and grass to create a smooth, realistic transfer.

    Thanks guys.

    mandatory chuck norris smiley: :chuck:
  2. _brawler_


    i think you use walls
  3. Tim Robinson

    Tim Robinson

    Go here and check out the Materials video in the Tutorials section,
    You may have to right click on it and select "Save link as..." or something similar depending on your browser.
  4. chub_pearson


    If I'm understanding you right, disregard the box you've highlighted.

    Put your mouse button on the red square marked 1, hold it down and drag it to 2 and let go. This should leave a blank area from 1 to 2. Pick the Texture C you want in the listing at 3, then click on the + button [4]. [Don't double click on the texture to add it].

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  5. 42Cliff


    also, its not possible to blend textures(for physics reasons) on track, you could use a texture that's a pic of broken up road edge or whatever you want though..
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