problems when editing rFactor tracks with SketchUp models


Original poster
Jan 20, 2018
Hi there,
First I would appreciate your time reading this post and my poor level in English Knowledge, but I need some help in order to solve a little problem with my tracks.
Recently I have tried to use SketchUp 2018 for making my own Bob´s Track Builder XPacks. At the begining I downloaded several models and then exported them into my xPacker according to some videos I´ve found in internet, so I got several models, most of them are buildings, that I could use in my BTB project. At these point all my work was successful but, I don´t believe why!, when I export my btb project to rFactor it doesn´t run and the program fails. If I eliminate those Sketchup models from the track then it perfectly runs.
After this first trial I made my own figure using textures of sketchup and my own images too for making simple 3d models, although the load of my track failed again.
If I could see those downloaded models in my project without any problem, why my track doesn´t run?
Have anybody had the same problem?