Problem with Fanatec Forza wheel

I recently fired up RBR again after upgrading my wheel's firmware. The game works fine (after I downloaded the latest patch), but there's one problem: it recognizes the shift paddles as a single button, rather than two separate buttons, which makes using the paddles to shift impossible. I don't have this issue with any of the other sims I run. Has anyone else had this problem, and/or have any suggestions or solutions?
Update: I found the answer to this question in the setups section on this site. For anyone who's running into this problem: upgrading your firmware to v 144 or higher adds an auto-clutch function to the wheel (labeled "ACL" in the wheel tuning menu), which is on by default. Auto-clutch maps two functions to one button, and in RBR causes both paddles to be recognized as one control. Simply turn off the auto-clutch, and you have your paddles back. If your paddles are doing funny things in other sims, this may be the problem as well.