Physics Problem With Car tyres (FLOATING)

I need help with this problem tyres.ini settings
so when I first tested it, it was like the tyres are floating ( above the ground )

then I tried to fix it on tyres.ini, and then it looked like this :(
tyre radius did not work with me looks nothing changed
I tried from 300 to 600 looks the same

how can I fix this? , what specific part on tyres.ini should I work on to make it perfect?
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car.ini try there
GRAPHICS_OFFSET=0,-0.38,-0.20 ; 3 axis correction (x,y,z), applies only to the 3D object of the car. in meters
Is there a way to change the height of a surface on a track to prevent the tyres not making contact with the road? The track we all know and the car is kunos original.
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